Why LuLaRoe?


Yes, for real.

We have been LuLaRoe Retailers since November 2016 and it has been the biggest blessing in our lives. WOW! We started this journey because I was obsessed with the LuLaRoe Amelia dress. I got one and shot all my weddings that year in it, I loved it! Pockets, zipper, pleated... SO practical.

If you've followed us on here for years you know that we are wedding photographers! We still are, but this is something that can replace being gone EVERY Saturday away from our precious kiddos.

Jude will be in kindergarten. SAY. WHAT. This fall! I wanted to be home on weekends with him since he will be gone Monday-Friday at school :) INSERT LuLaRoe

It has been an amazing way to pair my LOVE for fashion with my LOVE for people. 
I am in my happy place with my LuLaRoe Boutique! 

It has evolved to SO much more than JUST clothes. The mission statement of LulaRoe resonates so deeply with me...

In these short months, I have been blessed with a team of other gals that have joined forces with this social retail brand and are rocking their own boutiques! It's such a joy to be on this ride with others! I love my team and am so proud of these LADYBOSSES who are running after their dreams.

We have our Facebook Shopping group ONLINE where we have so much fun! The link to find us is: www.LuLaRoeRiaThurston.com as well as so many other ways to stay connected through the links on the left ---->

Join us?? If you are interested in figuring out what this is all about just click above "JOIN US" and email me: LuLaRoeRiaThurston@gmail.com to find out more about owning YOUR own boutique!

 Stay tuned for fun posts about Life with Ria... LuLaRoe Ria Thurston 

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