Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ruby's Birth Story

I've always loved reading birth stories and I always love looking back on life. I started this blog several years ago as a journal and way to meet some new mamas that were in similar seasons of life as me. I met SO many people all over the world and its really a special thing.

Ruby, our precious daughter arrived on December 28th, 2014. She was 4 days "overdue" and still our little peanut. Not going to lie... It was EXTRA hard to be patient this time waiting. With the holidays & the unknowns it was for sure a faith test for me. I'm thankful for his grace!!

Here's how Ruby's birth story goes...

I had a lot of prayer requests going into labor with her. I really wanted a different experience from our son Jude. His birth wasn't bad or traumatic or anything like that it just seemed like things COULD have gone different (recovery & breast-feeding specifically). 

My main prayer was that I would "feel prepared". I didn't know how it would be if I was screaming in labor... Trying to pack Jude (our toddler) up & get myself to the hospital. Ha, dramatic much? Well thankfully, it was a very relaxing morning when it all happened. Josh was on Christmas break and all was well in the world. 

Sunday morning at 6:55am I woke up to use the bathroom (for the 10th time that night) & felt something different/noticed lots of blood AND felt a gush when I stood up. This "gush" was similar to how it felt when my water broke with Jude. It's always funny to me how movies display water breaking because everyone can be SO different. I wasn't 100% sure that it was my water but called the on-call midwife & then jumped in the shower (wanted to be prepared!!) I woke Josh up and told him to get ready... This could for sure be it!!

My midwife wanted to bring me in to monitor baby girl because of the amount of blood, etc. I also told her about the "gush" and how I wanted to be checked to see if it was my water. She agreed. 

We got completely ready, bags packed and just in time for jude to wake up by 8:15 a.m. ... Got him in the car and we were off to my parents house. They all were so excited & especially since we had our family from Seattle in town visiting and wanting to be here for Ruby's big debut!

We didn't want to get our hopes up in case today wasn't the day (because I wasn't having consistent contractions... only irregular braxton hicks and a few mild, real ones) but I also felt hopeful. As we drove we prayed, texted family to keep them updated & got some breakfast. 

9:30am we were in a triage room monitoring Ruby and my contractions no had progressed to 2cm dilated which was good progress but we were still waiting on the results of the test determining if it was my water. They threw out the idea of being induced that day if we wanted but I first wanted confirmed answer on the test. I really wanted to go naturally.  

5 minutes later the nurse came back... "POSITIVE" she said. It was my water... and we were going to meet Ruby that very day! We are so excited and couldn't beleive it. 40 weeks, 4 days waiting for this very moment. Seemed surreal.

After walking for a bit to see if contractions would pickup we decided to begin pitocin to get the show on the road... this was around 1:30 p.m. It was GO-time. My mama and sister arrived and we were ready. I am so thankful for them both being a part of this experience.

All smiles in between contractions ;). Things progresed... I was checked a few times and was at 4-5 cm and Ruby starting to get more in position for delivery. By 5pm I was at 7cm and getting VERY tired. I hit a wall. They gave me the IV fluid in preps for the BELOVED epidural. I was going to labor for one more hour and see if I made any progress.

My midwife checked me again at 6pm and I hadn't made any progress in dilation even after having INTENSE contractions every 30 seconds... I was frustrated but knew this was the time to rest. Soon it was going to be pushing time, wanting to cuddle my sweet new baby girl & family coming to visit. I made the best decision ever to get the epidural. By 7pm, I was resting - the pitocin was doing it's thing and I was able to sleep through the contractions. So nice!

By 9pm I felt a crazy amount of pressure and was ready to push. I just knew it was time!! My midwife wasn't so sure and didn't believe me... but I was ready! She checked me and yep, I was complete. 10cm! PUSHING TIME!


9:15 I began to push. It always is such a crazy thing to me... this whole process. This time however, it was MUCH more relaxed than with Jude. My midwife was just sitting comfortably on the base of the bed ... there was NO bright lights. It was peaceful. I held my legs up with the help of my sister and husband and we just started to push with a contraction. I think it was a total of 7 times pushing... 

9:33 p.m.

I was able to "catch" her as my midwife said, "Reach down and grab your daughter!" OH MY GOSH! It was the coolest feeling in the entire world.


Seeing her face for the first time... was... priceless. One of those moments in life I will never, ever forget. The second is seeing Josh's face seeing her for the first time. :)


A little peanut... I knew it from the minute I held her. She was tiny!
6lb 14oz

Our lives are forever changed. SO thankful!

I was so happy to know I didn't tear as bad as I had with Jude. That was a HUGE concern for me with recovery and all of that. I think it was accredited to the fact that she was MUCH smaller, but also my amazing midwife and the whole relaxed process of delivery.

We couldn't wait for Jude to meet his baby sister. I nursed her (she did great!) and then got her cleaned up, we changed into our matching robes and Jude was able to come in. So exciting!

Bringing his "big brother" gift for Ruby!

He was SO in love. Smitten.

Here's a little clip of the first meeting. Melt my heart in a million pieces!


All of our family was in the lobby anxious to meet this sweet baby girl. What a joy to have them all there! :) I couldn't wait to show her off!

 My favorite image! All the grandparents... PRICELESS!

More cuddles from Jude. He couldn't get enough... he had been waiting and waiting for this moment.

Phew! What a whirwind... it was such a fun and exciting time! I loved how everything went. It was a dream to think that God gave us a GIRL. We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights since her 24-hour screening wasn't until late in the evening on her first night and it was like -13 degrees outside. BRRR... I didn't want to bring her home in the pitch black. Ha

We left for home on the morning of December 30th and were anxious to pickup Jude. He wanted Ruby to "come home" with him he kept saying. SO precious!!

Ruby passed all her tests, checks & was 6lb 7oz when we left the hospital. Perfect in every way! God IS so good. I couldn't NOT believe in him after going through this process once and again now with Ruby. Babies are a miracle. Such an amazing blessing to be given this priceless gift!!
A few more sneak peeks from our lifestyle newborn session...

 BIRTH STORY PHOTOS: www.sarahpolliophotography.com
LIFESTYLE PHOTOS: www.angelicjewelphotography.com

(So thankful for these ladies, especially Sarah my best friend for being there during my labor/delivery! A true friend!!!)


~Amanda~ said...

It is amazing!! A true gift from above! Congrats!

Emily said...

What an amazing story! I am so glad that things were better this time-more relaxed and less tearing. Double yay for that! Also, Jude meeting Ruby!? Que the tears! LOVE! And yes, God is so good and babies are such a miracle!

Kristine said...

Ooooh so beautiful Ria. I am at work with tears in my eyes as I read this! What a beautiful keepsake of your family story...it brings back memories for me that seem like yesterday. I know you are embracing every moment! Being a mom is truly a blessing from Above <3

Kenya said...

So beautiful and I love that you have all these pictures. Amazing.

Ashley said...

Soo happy she is here safe and sound and oh so beautful!! Those last few pictur brought tears to my eyes!! Congrats guys!!!

Laura P said...

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! She is adorable.

Laura P said...

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! She is adorable.

J and A said...

This was so beautiful to read. How special. I live the pics with big brother. So sweet. Congrats again!!