Sunday, July 6, 2014

IT'S A....


I'm still a bit in shock. What an amazing gift to be carrying life and the little girl we have been praying for. Since Josh and I went on this "parenthood" journey we have been praying for our Ruby girl. 

I remember many months back during some pretty hard days standing in the target baby aisle finding ruby red shoes and crying. My heart was so heavy for another baby but specifically a girl. I bought these $8 pair of Ruby red slippers and kept them by our beside. I felt like in that moment God promised me the gift of a daughter... Someday.

After finding out we were pregnant - I sobbed of course. I remembered the Ruby slipper moment. Knowing that promise from God, it was still uncertain if this child was that promise.

Fast forward... Two days ago... In the SAME Target aisle. Sobbing again with the realization of KNOWING we were granted the gift of a daughter. I'm not sure words can express how blessed we feel. (I wanted to explain to everyone that passed me at Target as I had this moment... ;))

It was a joy to share the news with our family and friends yesterday at our annual red, white & blue party! Such a fun time revealing the "secret". I'm really so thankful for a network of supportive people in our lives. Rejoice with those who rejoice!!!

In light of the 4th of July we lit RED/PINK smoke bombs! :)
Fireworks too!

We cherish our "people" so very much!

Jude still thinks Mama is having a BOY but we have still have a few months to convince him otherwise. ;)

Thank you sweet Jesus for this gift... Bring on the PINK, headbands, glitter & all things girly-girl. :)


Breann Hays said...

Congratulations Ria! I'm so very happy for you and Josh and Jude. You're a great boy mom, but you're going to be SUCH a great girl mom :)

Kenya said...

Yay for girls!!!!!


Lauren said...

Congratulations! What an awesome illustration of God's amazing promises & blessings!

J and A said...

So thrilled for you Ria! :)

Jenny Bedard said...

Yay~!! So happy for you and your family!! xoxo