Tuesday, July 15, 2014

17 Weeks: Ruby Rae

I type this in joy & happiness... we found out we are blessed with a baby GIRL on the way. It is really an amazing gift. :) I am trying to keep up on bump-dates... since baby #2 can get easily not get as much attention. I am determined to not make it that way with our sweet Ruby girl.

How Far Along:  17 weeks!

Size of baby: Size of Red Onion! Grow baby, Grow!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Since week 10 this time around... nothing fit comfortably. :)

Gender:  BABY GIRL!! Ruby Rae!

Movement:  Yes, started feeling flutters 2 weeks ago. I love that it's only inside me that I can feel... special for Ruby and I. I love the big kicks too! That will be fun!

Sleep:  Pretty good. I wake up from 3-4am every morning so that's a little annoying but I use it as time to pray! :)

What I miss:  Nothing much besides deli meat. I sometimes cheat ;)

Food Cravings:  I crave peaches... peanut butter and boneless buffalo wings... honey bbq. Similar craving to when I was pregnant with Jude. I'm just not AS hungry like 3x a day, but hungry more often... :)

Food Aversions: Nothing too bad! Eggs were a little rough a few weeks back, but I am good now!

Symptoms: 2nd Trimester is so happy for me! I'm not AS tired and don't need to nap with Jude in the afternoons. Still get tired in the evening, but thankful for a full day without a nap!

Jude Is: Such a funny boy. Loves saying "Roo-ey" (his version of Ruby). He still thinks baby is a "boy" but I think he does that to get a laugh out of us. We are working on potty training :/ Crazy kid!! He is loving summer and having daddy home! :)

What I’m looking forward to: 
Growing & continuing to tell Jude about his sister. We talk about her all the time, it's really quite special. He always says he wants her to come "out" and I explain she is not done growing yet. We have a 20 week ultrasound coming up which will be super fun to see how big she has gotten! I love seeing her sweet little profile. :)

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Lauren said...

so cute! Man, I am with you on the early maternity clothes! I'm definitely showing a lot more, a lot sooner this time!