Monday, May 5, 2014

Lord Over All

Kari Jobe is one of my favorite worship artists of all time. Her lyrics and heart is so in tune with the father. It's clear in her word choice & her "performances". I got to attend a concert of hers.. It was more like a praise & worship 3hours. Pure bliss. Truly what heaven will be like!!

Here is one of my latest favorites of hers... "Lord over all". 

You will never fail is repeated over and over again. He doesn't fail us. Even when it may feel that way. I'm being reminded of this season and season and season again. Check out the lyrics...

"In the valley of the unknown
I will lift my voice
In the shifting, in the shadow
I know You are with me

Lord over all
You will be my rescue
You will never fail
Lord, through it all
I will choose to trust You
You will never fail

In the searching and the waiting
You quiet my soul
In the stillness of Your presence
I know You are with me

Out of this darkness
Into Your promise
You will deliver me
Eternal Savior
You stand forever
You are my victory"

He will never fail us. Ever. Hang tight friends. :)

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Kait said...

Tia, Kari Jobe (and Gateway Worship) are my absolute favorite!! I listened to them during my last birth and it was an amazing experience! Is that weird?? Lol! I listen to them almost every day- it's so encouraging!