Saturday, April 19, 2014


Easter is not just "another" holiday in my eyes. It's a celebration of Jesus choosing to DIE so we can live. Not just in a "easy" way either ... Suffering because of love. 

As a mama, to a boy, I can't imagine sending my only son to die on a cross. The reality is... I wouldn't be put in that situation but still thinking about it so crazy to me. This way of crucifying Jesus is very personal for us. He took our sins. He died so we could have eternal life with him. This story is personal. I pray you know the truth of Jesus Christ. If you don't or have concerns or it seems to "out there"... Ask him to become personal to you. I promise you it's worth it!!!!

I love that this bible story is sinking in for our son Jude this year. 

Josh went through the "resurrection" eggs with Jude. He was soaking it all in from the palm branch to the nails... He was processing it all. Saying "owie" when Josh explained the nails in Jesus' hands and feet. Seeing the light click for Jude is one of the greatest gifts as a mom. I pray he always knows the love of Christ in this way!!!

Can't wait to celebrate this day with our families. Today, Saturday we get to go to my parents & tomorrow we are hosting for Josh's family. It is also Josh's dads birthday tomorrow!! So many fun things to celebrate!!!!

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!! Be blessed this Easter my friends. :)

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