Monday, March 4, 2013

10 & 11 Months: Jude Mark!

How terrible! I never did a 10 month post for Jude so I am going to combine 10 & 11 months. He is my favorite little boy in the world! I am loving every single moment... because he is just changing and growing and getting a little tummy (haha)!!

 He is still as curious as EVER!

 Those heart-breaker eyes.... he is precious!

Growing and loves to play with his football and stuffed animal toys. Funny boy!

He started getting interested in walking his puppy at 10 months.
Pushing, Pushing... 

He went through a MAJOR growth spurt at 10 months and was eating lots more... waking up early, wanting more bottle & food... crazy boy!!!

We will have another appointment at 12 months for weight/height
 but he is for SURE growing!!!
At 11 months he has been doing a bear-crawl type thing where he WANTS to stand up by himself but he is just so funny that he thinks it is best to crawl. Funny boy! I love his little personality that he laughs, cough laughs and flirts with his eyes. Silly bugga!
No new teeth but some drool...
He hates, hates getting his diaper changed... we have to go in like 2.4 seconds because he doesn't like sitting/laying still. Funny, moving boy. He got that from his mama... always going, going, going!
He is a cute, cute laughing boy who can make anyone smile. He still is a "mama's boy" for now and once he warms up he LOVES people.

Sleeping is still 7-7 or 6:30 and now at 11 months he is still doing 2 naps a day (thankful!) & they are around 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. He has longer awake times which is fun for mama!

*Lots of new foods... including veggie straws, more meat & still loving puffs!
*First time going to the YMCA with Mama while she works out
*Wanting to walk, no steps taken but standing by himself at times
*Throwing balls EVERYWHERE. You got a good arm on you, buddy!!
*Saying nnnnnnnn (start of no? Hope not... lol)
*Swimming in the pool with daddy
*Loves watching Calliou & Veggie Tales
Dear Jude,
I think it's finally hitting me that you will be a whole YEAR old in just one short month. It is absolutely surprising how fast *and slow* this year seemed to go. Moments passed by slowly.... but yet they went so fast and I wish I could have bottled up different parts of your sweet growing life. I know the best is yet to come and you are a joy to your mom and dad. You will just giggle and throw your ball and I can see sports in your future. You are always on the go and you can't sit still. I love your energy and zest for life. You are going to do amazing things in life and I love you beyond words could say. XOXOXOXO


Emily said...

He is such a cutie! Love his teeth in the laughing picture too, precious! :)

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