Monday, January 14, 2013

Jude Mark - 9 Months!

My bug is 9 months. 9 months that's how long I knew I was pregnant for last July. Wow. That's a crazy concept. Jude's personality is developing more and more daily and I am so in love. He is such a fun and happy little guy. I know he has a HIGH calling on his life and being his mom, I am blessed beyond words to be a part of that.

Lately you have become a "mama's boy". Wanting mama over daddy and anyone else. It is cute sometimes .... but a little clingy at other times ;) Give you a new toy and you are all good!

We had his 9 month appointment today!
He is 17lb. 10 oz - in the 7%
He is 28.5 inches long - in the 50%

He got 4 teeth in the middle of December. The bottom two popped thru...
Then the top two were really soon to follow. A little fever & lots of drool... not too bad!

So curious!!!!!! He has these eyes that look thru people I feel. 
He is so inquisitive and LOVES people! He waves at EVERYONE!

Jude is pulling himself up on everything - it is cute and scary all at the same time. He is really good at "falling". Bumps, scratches - he is ALL boy. I love him so much!!!

He is back to an awesome schedule and I couldn't be more thankful. My baby loves his morning nap and afternoon nap. He sleeps through the night from 7-7 also. I'm not sure what we did right but I praise God for this. Daddy and I get some time together alone in the evenings which I also am beyond thankful for!!!

*First time Flying! To Seattle!
*Waving at anyone & everyone
*First time eating garbanzo beans, noodles & more finger foods
*TEETH! Noticed around December 22nd
*Saying more mubbley-words like "nnnnnn" and "da-da"
*Sticking out his tounge

Dear Jude,
There is no one like you! You have a high calling on your life and are a great little boy of God. I know you see Jesus in people and I can see it in your eyes. We pray that you will choose Jesus every day of your life and walk in his ways! I love you and love seeing your personality develop. You have a special way about you and your eyes draw people in. When we are at the store you wave at people, and love making eye contact - social butterfly! I can't wait to see you grow and grow. Love, Love, Love you! -Mama


Natalie said...

He is so precious, Ria!

LC said...

He's getting so big and cuter by the day! Those eyes are just beautiful:)

bride4life said...

Too cute...he is going to be so happy to have a mom who likes to take pics!