Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jude Mark: 8 Months!

Being a Mom for 8 months is the biggest privilege I could have ever been given. Even during the hard moments, I praise God for this gift. I am brought to tears so often (okay, maybe it's PMS hormones...) but especially this month it is hitting me more... Jude is our gift!

Jude is 16lbs 7.5 ounces! Growing, growing :)

 He is soooo sweet! Doing lots of fun new things these days :)

He is OFFICIALLY crawling and into EVERYTHING!
I knew this day would come and I love it. He is SO quick which keeps this mama on her toes. Cords and outlets seem to be his favorite things. :/ I have to work really hard to keep my eyes on him and we have officially baby-proofed our house!

Daylight savings seemed to mess with his sleeping schedule. I am not complaining but he has been waking up quite a bit earlier in the mornings... that's the only unfortunate thing. :) Other than that we are so thankful for this babe.

*Pulling himself up on things
*Trying to eat more textured foods
*First trip to the ER :*( Not a happy thing!!! Random virus syndrome :(
Dear Jude,
I love you! When we had to bring you to the ER today... I cried & cried. It made me seriously break down as I didn't know what was going on and I just wanted to take your pain for you. You are my sweet baby and I HATE seeing you sick. It breaks my heart! You are getting so adventureous. You absolutely love closing boxes, climbing on things and shutting doors. I love your zest for life - you are always needing something fun to entertain you. Too cute for words! Praying for your special future and praising God for 8 months of your life. You are my joy & my world! I LOVE YOU BUG!


Lauren said...

he is absolutely precious! and I'm so thankful that his sickness was nothing more than a little bug! it's so amazing how resilient our babies are!

Emily said...

He is so handsome! Sorry to hear about your first ER trip, hope everything is okay!

Mateya said...

Doesn't seem possible that our babies are getting so big?!

Sorry to hear about your trip to the ER. Seeing them sick is so hard! Hayden has been having trouble sleeping for weeks because of a cold/cough and there isn't anything we can do :(

Char said...

He is getting so big! I feel your pain, had our first trip to the ER last week too, and I cried and cried :( Poor babies. You are doing a wonderful job mama :)

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