Monday, October 15, 2012

New things...

Everyday Jude is learning something new. Within the last two weeks he has been talking well more like babbling like crazy! It is the absolute cutest thing. Josh has heard da-da many times and sure rubs that in ;).

He is too cute for words! We also got him a fun Johnny jumper and he thinks it is the greatest thing. He gets so proud of himself when he gets going. He loves affirmation too it's really fun to watch.

Games, toys or just daddy's hair and tags he is so curious. We love our little guy more than I could express in words.

Thinking about this love and I have also been learning so much about the creator of all things and it so intertwines! God created the heavens and the earth and he also created Jude so detailed. I often day dream about the future and what God has for his precious life and so i pray this verse over his sweet life...

"For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord. Plans to make you prosper and a bright hope and future!!" Jer 29:11

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