Monday, June 11, 2012

How he loves us...

"Oh how he loves.
We are his portion and he is our prize.
Drawn to redemption by the grace in his eyes.
If grace is an ocean were all sinking."

This song came in my head as I was rocking Jude to sleep this morning. I started singing it over him and praying in that sweet moment that Jude would know and be drawn to this love and grace.

My deepest desire is for Jude to know and follow hard after Jesus. All the days of his little life.


Joy said...

absolutely beautiful. I know that you and Josh will do your absolute best to demonstrate this to Jude through your life and parenting. I love you and am praying for God to give you supernatural wisdom and grace to mother little Jude. And that Josh will be the best example of a man of God that Jude will ever see. So thankful that God uses imperfect people like us to do big, beautiful things. Love you.

Lauren said...

what a great simple post...and what an adorable little boy! love him!

Jenny said...

As soon as I read your blog post title I started singing this song in my head! What a precious gift Jude has to have two parents that are so God centered. You are a wonderful Mom Ria!