Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2 Months: Jude Mark

Jude Mark,

Baby boy! You are the cutest, smiley & happy boy. We love you so incredibly much! Every day I smile because you are OURS and we get to raise and train you and spend every day with you. How are we so blessed? I love seeing your fingers and toes move and know that you are happy and healthy. We don't take it for granted

We went to the doctor yesterday weeks and you weigh 10lb 1 ounce.
You are still just a little peanut but to us are SO much bigger!

You are 23 inches long! That's 3 inches growth in 8 weeks.
Long and lean baby boy :)

You make the cuuuuutest faces these days!

Your feeding schedule has changed a bit and no longer wake up in the early morning to eat. Praise the Lord! You sleep from about 9pm - 4:30/5:00am. It is such a sweet blessing! Then you fall back asleep around 6 until 8. I am thankful!

Your awake time is increasing but Jude - you love your sleep! It's so much fun being able to spend the days with you.

Milestones this month:
** Mama's First Mothers day on May 13th!
** First Road Trip to South Dakota!
** Lots of friends play dates! Fun!

This month is OFFICIALLY summer and it is getting sooo warm out - I look forward to the time we can go to the beach together and put our toes in the sand. :)

Your sweetness grows each day and I am so thankful God gave you to us! He intrusted you into our care and we couldn't be more blessed!

It's crazy to think one year ago you were conceived - last June. Wow!

We love you bug-a-boo!


Kenya said...

He is just so freaking adorable!

Sue Nordby said...

I would have to agree with the freaking adorable comment!! I am so happy that you get to be home with him while he's a baby. I can tell you're treasuring the time!

Jonna said...

SO CUTE!!! Love this little man!! :)

Jenny said...

Happy 2 months sweet Jude! Ria he is just the cutest! Love his eyes!

Unknown said...


Megan said...

Gosh!! he is SUCH a beautiful baby!! :)