Thursday, May 17, 2012

The "Right" Way?

Today I am thinking about my blog... It has been a bit neglected as I have the sweetest 6 week old that I am trying to soak up. My posts are going to be sparatic... I hope to post about my First Mother's Day tomorrow. It was WONDERFUL!!!! JOSH SPOILED ME!

This morning.. I am thinking about doing things the "right" way. What does that mean? Let me elaborate....

Josh and I started dating in high school (October 2006)
Josh and I broke up after high school for 1 year (August 14, 2007)
Josh and I we reunited after that 1 year & started dating again (August 2008)
Engaged December 2008 of that year.
Married September 2009!!

What was the "right" way to do things? We obeyed Jesus and his calling for our life in that season... Josh was playing football and going to college & I was a part of a ministry school called The Honor Academy.

We couldn't do it on our own. It was the strength of Christ that got us through. We had to trust that he was in control. Clearly we weren't.

In hindsight - those were some hard days... Yet those were some amazingly beautiful times. Doing it "God's way" was MUCH more rewarding then trying to do anything in our own strength.

We now have the most adorable little 6 week old and we couldn't be happier. A friend recently asked us:
 "Is married life really that great? I mean once you have a kid... isn't it like OVER for you?"

Actually -- it couldn't be better. I wouldn't trade this life for anything and daily I am blessed to know that God honored our "doing it the right way" and has given us the most amazing life. We are blessed beyond measure!!

I encourage you wherever you are at... you CAN do things the RIGHT way. Reach out to Jesus and ask him what that looks like for you. I promise it is SO worth it. Every single second is worth it!


LC said...

Ria this post totally got to me! My husband and I dated for about 2.5 years and during that time we definitely were not honoring God in certain areas (if you know what I mean). We ultimately broke up for about 8 months. Got back together and made a commitment to remain pure until our wedding day and our relationship THRIVED! Doing it God's way was so much better than doing it our own way and we are so happily married now:)

Mateya said...

Great post Ria! The Lord has truly blessed you and Josh :)

Natalie said...

What a huge blessing! So glad to hear that your marriage is staying strong and better than ever :)

Jenny said...

Beautifully written Ria! God has his own perfect timing. You and your family are so very blessed :)

Lauren said...

love this post! while our marriage has certainly had to adjust to a new little person in the house, there are so many things that have made our relationship so much better!

Little Wife said...

Thank you for this post!

I have a sister who never seems to do things "the right way..." and her life seems so much easier than mine. This post just encouraged me that my doing things God's way will be best in the end.