Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Mothers Day!

Having Josh for a husband is a blessing.... beyond words! Celebrating my first mothers day was such a dream come true! I have ALWAYS only dreamed of becoming a Mama and raising children. Jude is our first born in making that dream come true :) What a gift!

I woke up to Jude sleeping 6 1/2 hours and fed him! Then Jude and Daddy had plans and let me sleep for awhile longer :) Amazing! 


Breakfast in Bed, Cards & a gift... Jude's actual footprint carved in white gold (made by my mama!)

Cool... huh? Her website is coming soon! She makes custom jewelry!

Jude wrote this with the help of daddy :)

After church we spent time & had lunch at Josh's Mama's house and went on a fun walk!

For dinner we went to my mama's house... My daddy grilled. Yum!
SO fun to honor all our Mama's!!

And... to end the night... Josh and Kyle (bro-in-law) did the dishes.

My mother's day couldn't have been more amazing.
Thank you hubby for making me feel like the most important Mama in the world.
Jude - thank you for being our amazing son. Your personality and giggles are my favorite!

Happy belated Mother's Day... Mama's!!


LC said...

Awww, what a sweet letter that will be to look back on! And I definitely want to check out the website for your mom's jewelry!

Kenya said...

He needs to write a book for all the dads out there... those are great tips for what hubbys should do on mothers day! That footprint is precious!

Mateya said...

What a wonderful mother's day!

Amanda said...

what a special day!!!! i love that charm so very much! talk about something you will treasure forever!!!

Jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Happy 1st Mother's Day Ria!

Anonymous said...

Josh is such a sweetie...and so is baby Jude. : ) Happy (belated) Mother's Day, Ria!

- Kailene said...

What a blessing to celebrate your first Mother's Day!!! Congratulations, Ria. :) You are one lucky, Mama!!! Looks like a wonderful day.