Friday, May 18, 2012

My First Mothers Day!

Having Josh for a husband is a blessing.... beyond words! Celebrating my first mothers day was such a dream come true! I have ALWAYS only dreamed of becoming a Mama and raising children. Jude is our first born in making that dream come true :) What a gift!

I woke up to Jude sleeping 6 1/2 hours and fed him! Then Jude and Daddy had plans and let me sleep for awhile longer :) Amazing! 


Breakfast in Bed, Cards & a gift... Jude's actual footprint carved in white gold (made by my mama!)

Cool... huh? Her website is coming soon! She makes custom jewelry!

Jude wrote this with the help of daddy :)

After church we spent time & had lunch at Josh's Mama's house and went on a fun walk!

For dinner we went to my mama's house... My daddy grilled. Yum!
SO fun to honor all our Mama's!!

And... to end the night... Josh and Kyle (bro-in-law) did the dishes.

My mother's day couldn't have been more amazing.
Thank you hubby for making me feel like the most important Mama in the world.
Jude - thank you for being our amazing son. Your personality and giggles are my favorite!

Happy belated Mother's Day... Mama's!!


LC said...

Awww, what a sweet letter that will be to look back on! And I definitely want to check out the website for your mom's jewelry!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

He needs to write a book for all the dads out there... those are great tips for what hubbys should do on mothers day! That footprint is precious!

Mateya said...

What a wonderful mother's day!

Amanda said...

what a special day!!!! i love that charm so very much! talk about something you will treasure forever!!!

Jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Happy 1st Mother's Day Ria!

Girl of The Grove said...

Josh is such a sweetie...and so is baby Jude. : ) Happy (belated) Mother's Day, Ria!

- Kailene said...

What a blessing to celebrate your first Mother's Day!!! Congratulations, Ria. :) You are one lucky, Mama!!! Looks like a wonderful day.