Friday, May 25, 2012

Enlarge my Territory

Do you ever pray BIG prayers? Do you ever believe God will ACTUALLY answer? This is something I am really trying to do more of. It says in the Bible to ask not because we have not. Why not ask?

Growing up my sister and I prayed a very specific prayer from the Bible every morning on our way to school. The Prayer of Jabez. (1 Chronicles 4:9)

We modified it from a version and here is what we asked God/continue to ask God for:

"Oh Lord that you would bless me indeed
That you would INCREASE my territory & influence
That your hand would be upon all that I do.
And that you would keep evil far from us, 
that we would NOT bring harm to anyone!"

I encourage you with that today. I have seen an answer to this prayer over the years as the Lord is slow to anger and rich in love - he hears our prayers!!!


F as in Frank said...

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing! I needed this today.

Charris said...

I love that prayer, I think I will adopt that as my daily prayer. Thanks Ria!

Jonna said...

Good memories SIS!!! God is good and we definitely should ask for BIG things!! He LOVES hearing the hearts of his children! Love ya! XOXO

Unknown said...

I needed this. AMEN!