Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend of Celebrating!!

This weekend was full of celebrating happy times. Wow! I'm going to allow photos to do the talking :)

Celebrating Mark (dad-in-law) and Steph (sis-in-law's) birthdays! Sooo fun!
Love celebrating life and spending time with family :) 

We photographed our first wedding of the 2012 season.... Such a cool venue. Sneak peeks to come later on my photography Facebook page! First time leaving Jude with Gramma J - he did great :) We missed him like crazy. Well, I sure did. Snuggling him that night was so special!

And more partying.... a surprise party for my dad-in-law.... This was his 50th!! He was sooo surprised!!!!! We had the family dinner on Friday night to "throw" him off :) It worked!

And lastly - our baby boy Jude's dedication night! Being dedicated to the Lord at church! :) So very special!

Phew now to recover and snuggle with our growing boy... 3 weeks old today!


Jenny said...

What a wonderful blessed weekend your family had! What a cool wedding venue! I miss Carson like crazy when I'm doing a shoot. Lots of snuggle time when I get home :) Congrats on Jude being dedicated to the Lord! Carson's is this coming Sunday. We're a little late in doing his, we've been trying to time it so that all our family is there.

Lauren said...

so stinkin' sweet! looks like you had an absolutely fabulous weekend!

Kat said...

So adorable! Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend.

Natalie said...

You look great, Ria!
Looks like a super fun weekend :)