Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March!!! {And New Mama Questions...}

I can't believe March has arrived. The month we have been waiting for since we found out we were expecting a baby! God is so good and I am thankful to know that his timing is perfect. We will wait and HOPEFULLY have a son this month! :)

We had our 36 week appointment yesterday and I am measuring right on track! Still not much progress but maybe .5cm dilated (which is totally normal for this timeframe). However... starting next week when I am "full term" Josh and I will be walking EVERY evening and trying some inducing techniques :)

I thought I was running out of questions for you Mama's out there but I thought of a few more:
1. What was one baby item you thought you HAD to have but in reality never/rarely used...?
2. Any good bottle suggestions for when Jude will need to take expressed breast milk? So far I have heard the Adiri Natural Nurser is the most like mama....?
3. Any inducing techniques that worked for you? :) :)

Thanks Ladies! We are getting close and I love hearing your awesome feedback... it's so helpful to this new mama-to-be!


Unknown said...

YAY FOR MARCH!!!!!! Praying for you all : )

Claire said...

So EXCITING that this is the month of little Jude!

My favorite bottle to use for my kids has been the Gerber Nuk bottle. I never had a problem giving it to my girls when I pumped milk for them... and Peyton also took a Nuk pacifier so it really helped that the shape was consistent between the pacifier and the bottle. (Britany never took a pacifier). The Nuk bottle also has a wider base, which makes it more similar to a breast.

I've never had to use any inducing techniques as my girls came at 36 and 37 weeks. But I've heard from friends that the pressure points in the ankles work well, as well as LOTS of walking of course. :) But they do say that you really shouldn't try to induce until at least 38 weeks. But I know that anxious mommy feeling, so I understand :) OH! Haha, I've heard that sex works well too. The sperm acts as a cervix softener!!! ;)

Natalie said...

Yay, that is so exciting!!!! Hopefully he will be here in just a few short weeks! Hang in there mama :)
One baby item we didn't really use was receiving blankets. I think we are the exception as everyone else seems to love them :) They were nice for a light cover when she was born in September, but otherwise we just used warmer blankets. We got 8 million of them at our showers though so hopefully we'll use them more with #2 ;)

We have the Breastflow bottles which are supposed to be most similar to a breast. My daughter won't take any bottle though, but I've heard other babies love them!!

Karah said...

I love the dr browns bottle. MK took those without any problems. Also walking worked for me. I started walking about 2 weeks before I was due.

Natasha said...

Hey Ria : ) How exciting that your due date is this month! It's such a good feeling : )
There wasn't much that I had and didn't use...but as for bottles, I used ones from The First Years called breast flow and loved them...I didn't have any problems going between bottles and au natural : ) Inducing techniques? Sorry to say I don't think anything works : ( You can definitely prepare your body for labor with walking and things like that but I don't think anything decides when baby comes other than the Lord...we tried it all. I've heard some say otherwise so who knows. It's hard to wait though, that's for sure! I'm excited for you!

Mateya said...

Can't believe this could be the month! :) So exciting!!!

We registered for the Tommee Tippee bottles, I've heard they are very close to breast.

~Amanda~ said...

Since I was nursing I got the breast flow bottles, thinking it wouldn't be much of a change... but it was. I think that it was TOO similar, and it wasn't just right for her. So she wouldn't take it! So we ended up going totally opposite with an Avent bottle and she took that just fine! So I say get a few different ones on hand. It took us 3 weeks to get her to take a bottle.

Kristin said...

Red Raspberry leaf tea is great to start drinking at 38 weeks and Evening Primrose Oil capsules are great at 36 weeks! I started taking them and Tanner was born at 39 weeks and 3 days. Oh AND chiropractic :) I got adjusted along with a pressure point massage and went into labor that night!

Lauren said...

yay! he's going to be here so soon!

I can't really think of any un-used items at the moment...we tried to only register and buy the necessities and then also wait to buy some things until we actually need them...that seemed to cut down on the stuff!

In regards to bottles, our local Walmart only had 3 options one afternoon and I was determined to see if Elyse would take a bottle. They are the Avent bottles and she has taken them really well. We also had a variety of pacifiers around that we would alternate so that she didn't get set on just one type of nipple. She's made her choices now, but she seems to enjoy most anything because each day she has her au natural feeding source (her momma), at least once Avent bottle each day, and then her favorite paci is the Nuk. I think this variety really helped her adjust and learn to take whatever she was offered.

And as for inducing...I walked abotu 2 miles the day before I went into labor and maybe that worked, maybe it didn't.

Of course you know that activity that got you in this situation in the first place, yeah, that...well we tried that too and I don't really think it made a difference and definitely wasn't worth how uncomfortable it made me! ha!

Charris said...

Happy March!!
I did alot of walking to bring on labor.

Char said...

Must have: Bottle warmer. Regardless if you breastfeed or bottle feed, a bottle warmer is useless (my opinion). It takes too much time (especially when you have a hungry, crying baby at 2am) and effort to warm a bottle in this when you can just use a microwave to warm water in the bottle or warm water to put breastmilk bag into. We got our little one used to room temperature water so he didn't have to have it warm or cold when we were away from home.

Bottles: Had a lactation consultant recommend Breastflow and have had great success with it and very little to no confusion. Though each baby is different. We also used the Soothie brand pacifier that we were given in the hospital and that is now the only kind he will take.

Inducing: Lots of brisk walking, foot rubs (just below the ankle on either side, rub with pressure!), warm bath, sitting or gentling bouncing on a yoga ball. I heard eating fresh pineapple works, I tried it but it didn't seem to work. If/when your due date comes and goes, try not to be disappointed, God knows when he will decide he wants a birthday party for little Jude and that day and time will be perfect!

Joy said...

So you know I'm not a mom... BUT... 2 of my friends have been told to eat a supreme pizza and both went in to labor that night. Old wives tale... But both of them had healthy babies within a few hours! Lol ;)

Shannon said...

You're getting so close! Hang in there! :)

-One item that we registered for (and received) was the Moby wrap. I had heard amazing things about the wrap and I was excited to use it. I have to say that my Jude didn't love it. Maybe we haven't tried putting him in it enough? I haven't really pushed it because he did cry a lot. It is also A LOT of fabric - I was overwhelmed pulling it out. However, I know some moms absolutely love it so I have hopes that my Jude (or future kids) will like it someday. If it's something you're interested in but aren't sure if you want to pay for it, you could always try borrowing one for a couple weeks to see how Jude does?

-We currently have a 4-pack of the Born Free bottles because I know lots of moms who were happy with them. I'm glad we didn't buy any more than that because my Jude will not take a bottle. I've nursed him for 5 months and have been trying for the last 2 to get him to take the occasional bottle and he won't have it. I should have followed other mom's advice and started the bottle earlier, but you'll find that when you have a hungry boy it's so much easier to nurse than heat a bottle. My advice would be to be smarter than me and try a bottle a little earlier :)

I've also heard that the Playtex Drop Ins are good and have a similar feeling to mom.

MegsM said...

Yay for March! These are some things that my Midwives told me to do to "get things going." Drink Red Raspberry leaf tea. One cup a day. It helps "tone".. also.. Evening primrose oil. I know it may sound gross, but it helps "ripen" the cervix.. so.. "insert" 2 before bed every night. And yes,, I said Insert. Lol. The day I went into labor I had an appt earlier that day and was already dialated to 5 and 80% effaced. :) I think they work!! And of course, normal things.. like walking.. and bedroom things with your hubby. ;) Good luck!! :D

Megan said...

Yay for March!!

Olivia's nurses recommended Avent and Dr. Browns, both are good for gassiness. Olivia wasn't gassy but we didn't want to take any chances. We have been using the avent and have had NO problems! They are easy to clean and you can get a microwavable sterilizer too which we have and LOVE!!

We thought we had to have the fancy/cute burp clothes. We returned them ASAP and ended up getting cloth diapers instead. We would go through SO many so I am SO glad we exchanged them!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was 9 days overdue and I did everything I could think of to make my little boy come!!! From drinking tea to walking to haveing sex and everything in between. I was finally induced. It was really hard to wait,but God knows best and it is hard hearing that when you are anxious to hold your little one. Hope you get to hold your little boy soon!!

Alyssa said...

Sadie would only take the Breastflow bottles when she had to have a bottle.

A good friend of mine who does massage therapy, came over two days before my due date and gave me a massege, making sure to get all the pressure points and my water broke two days later so I think it helped. I always googled techniques to help with inducing labor and tried some of the weird ones so maybe those helped also.

Everything that I wanted or had to have for Sadie, I used. The one thing I wanted but never got was a boppy pillow and I wish I would've bought one cause I used the ones at my church ALL THE TIME!!