Thursday, February 2, 2012

Second Edition: New Mama Questions

Mama's out there... and expectant Mama's thanks for your feedback from my First Edition: New Mama Questions. Wow! I am in good company! I appreciate your advice :)

Second Edition coming right up....

Let's Talk FAVORITES/MUST HAVE baby items:

1. Favorite soothing toy/stuffed animal/swaddler for your sweet baby?
2. Favorite stroller or bottle/pacifer?
3. Maybe your favorite book or baby item that you got at a shower that you can't live without...?


I am so looking forward to my upcoming baby showers and want to make sure my registries are all set and that I am asking for the right things :) I am so thankful for friends and family and the ability to bless and celebrate baby Jude's life ahead of time!

Thanks Mama's out there or Mama-to-be's!


Unknown said...

There is this bear that plays a heartbeat. We got it as a gift. It was a dream when dom was newborn and would wake up in the night. dom loves the nuk nooks the ones that look like butterflies, those have always been the only ones he keeps in his mouth while sleeping. We cannot live with out his soft soft blankie.:)

Jenny said...

Yay for your upcoming baby shower! You are going to have so much fun!

Let's Talk FAVORITES/MUST HAVE baby items:

1. Favorite soothing toy/stuffed animal/swaddler for your sweet baby?
*Favorite swaddle when he was newborn was the summer infant swaddle, when he got to be about 3 months I switched to the Halo Sleep slack with swaddle because it had a zipper and I could just unzip the bottom at night to change him and still keep him swaddled without waking him up.
2. Favorite stroller or bottle/pacifer? Our stroller is a Graco travel system that came with the carseat and we LOVE it. Carson outgrew the carseat by 6 months (he's a big boy) but we love the stroller and use it everywhere. His pacifier is the Playtex Binky.
3. Maybe your favorite book or baby item that you got at a shower that you can't live without...? My favorite newborn items I got at the shower where my summer infant swaddles. Also I love my wipe warmer, and Fisher Price Lamb swing. That swing was a blessing,it was the only thing that helped him sleep during the day when he was little. We used that thing until he grew out of it :)

Natalie said...

1. If you are looking for swaddling blankets, definitely go with the adin and anais ones from target!! They are really big and thin so you could use them even in summer and even when they get bigger, unlike a receiving blanket :) They are also great to throw down on the floor or for a nursing cover, etc. :)
2. We have a graco travel system stroller and it has been great!! Nothing fancy, but well priced, safe and gets the job done ;) My daughter won't take a bottle or a paci really but the few times she did take a paci it was the green soothie ones, and that is what they give in the hospital too!
3. Our favorite baby item for a newborn was probably her swing. It was the snugglebunny one from fisher price-it was AWESOME! She would nap in that thing for hours :)

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

We loved the Aden and Anais muslin blankets for our son.. soft, lightweight, perfect for swaddling. Gorgeous blankets! We also got a Woombie swaddler for him, it has a zipper so it's sooo easy to swaddle baby, and it has enough stretch that baby's not super constrained, just really comfortable. These were two things that I would recommend every time!

~Amanda~ said...

A jumparoo!! My daughter LOVED it. She would get so excited when we put her in there and jump so high and giggle and giggle! That's the one toy I'm telling my friends that is a MUST HAVE. Not only would she be laughing but we would too... so she'd go faster and faster! (She got strong leg muscles pretty quick!)

Amanda Kelley said...

#1. A night light that plays music.
#2. Favorite stroller---make sure there is enough bottom storage and the shade for blocking the sun that is moveable in both directions. What ever you decide on, don't fret on what is spent...this is a good investment and you will use it for at least the next 3 years.
#3. Item we couldn't live without? Bath tub (at Target) with the sling in it. Favorite book? Guess how much I love you. It was the first book we read our son in the NICU.

Unknown said...

Hi Ria! It's Mercy. Well as we are just about to complete our family next week and you are just starting yours, I thot I would share. I received this layette basket when I was preggo with #1. After I took out the layette set, I was able to fit a stack of diapers, wipes, bum ointment, powder, lotion perfectly in it. The basket has been our diaper changing station all the way through the 3 and now we will use it for our 4th. Best item ever. Infact, i had a dresser built around it. Also for every new mom, I buy lansinoh b. pads cuz they're the best. Strollers get beat up, so you may go through a few. It all depends on how long until you have your next one. If its soon, you might as wel register for a double right away. I buy all kinds of diff. Nooks b4 baby and sterilize them all so when baby is born I can test each out to find which one they will like right away. That's all I have for now...I've already written too much:)

Shannon said...

1. Favorite soothing toy/stuffed animal/swaddler for your sweet baby?-
Just like lots of the other ladies, we absolutely loved the Aden & Anais muslin swaddling blankets. Now that he's gotten bigger, he is sleeping in a Halo swaddle sleep sack (in size small). He has almost outgrown it though. We haven't gotten to really enjoying one toy or animal yet because he's only 4 months.

2. Favorite stroller or bottle/pacifer?-
We got the Chicco travel system and really like it. Lots of my friends with babies have it and raved about how great it is. It snaps in really easy to the base and the stroller. When I did a car seat check at the fire station, they said that the Chicco car seats were one of the best/safest and one of the easiest to install in your car.

3. Maybe your favorite book or baby item that you got at a shower that you can't live without...?-
I was a teacher for 4 years so books were on of the things I was most excited about buying! You'll want to start with lots of board books at first because little hands love to rip pages and they're much easier and smaller to throw in a diaper bag. Judah is just now starting to notice the books when I read to him. I really enjoy all the books by Sandra Boynton because they have such cute illustrations. But Judah has really been drawn to the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear because the pictures are so colorful.

As for other items we couldn't live without:
-My Little Lamb Swing (a good swing will save your life!)
-any kind of white noise maker (We got the Cloud B sleep giraffe. It's amazing how much white noise can calm down a crying baby!)
-if you're doing disposable diapers, you'll want a diaper genie
-Graco pack n' play.
-Infantino Twist and Fold activity gym. It's so cute and it's about the only thing that entertained Judah the first few months when he was awake.
-Video monitor. I thought this was kind of a splurge at first and not really necessary. But I really don't know how we would live without it. You will not regret it!

Sadie said...

The first year week by week. It got me through a lot of "what if" questions. And late night sickness questions. You can simply pick it up at walmart or target and of course a book store!. I also loved gerber bottles. and a jumperoo is a must, of course when he is older! AND my all time favorite is a bumbo, I think both of my kids sat up very early because of it! You will have your favorites very soon:)

Callie said...

I think it really just depends on what your baby likes. Wyatt just likes something soft to hold near his face - it doesn't matter if it's a blanket, stuffed animal or whatever, as long as its soft. Jude will probably just latch on to whatever he likes best! As far as pacis/ bottles again it's just whatever works for Jude - there's no way to really plan. We just used receiving blankets for swaddling and it worked fine - husbands are always so good at swaddling too! And strollers - I'd say just make sure to get a small fold-up stroller for when he gets older - it's easier than the big strollers for quick trips into the store!