Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad & TGIF!

This weekend is my wonderful, dedicated, loving and hardworking Daddy's BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Papa Ray (as a lot of my friends call him) is a joy to everyone. He is going to be a for real GrandPapa soon and I am so excited for that. He is an amazing dad, I can only imagine the role he is going to be for Jude as a Grandpa!

5 Things I have learned from my dad:
1. You can never be too encouraging: He always speaks words of affirmation and praise to us girls :)
2. Hard-work DOES pay off: He is the most hardworking man ever! Just like Josh!
3. Never to complain: Seriously, I can't remember one time where my dad has complained....
4. Serve Selflessly: My mom and him are SO involved at their church/always have been in churches and volunteer organizations and it is a real example to me!
5. Love Jesus. Love Others: He loves to talk to EVERYONE he sees... and I mean everyone :) Sharing the love of Jesus!

We love you dad! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday tonight!! :) Thank you for being YOU!

Happy Friday Friends. Have a blessed weekend!


Jonna said...

WE LOVE OUR PAPA!! The BESTEST EVER!! :) Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Lauren said...

your dad is so cute! happy birthday to your daddy!

Unknown said...


Mrs. Mama said...

happy birthday to your daddy! beautiful picture of you two!

Truly His said...

Happy bday, Ray!!! :) :)