Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fourth Edition: New Mama Questions

Feeling a bit BLAH lately... overheating, extra exhaustion, hard to breathe... oh the joys of the last part of pregnancy. I am really, really trying to cherish this time. I have to remember that beauty comes from pain! :) Jude is coming soon!

drinking lots & lots of water these days....

Ready for the 4th edition New Mama questions?
I so love all the feedback - thank you ladies :)

1. Best advice for the final weeks (I have about 4.5 to go....)??
2. What surprised you the most about motherhood?
3. Helpful tips for the transition of two (husband & wife) to three (hubby,wifey & baby)?


Mateya said...

Praying these next few weeks fly by for you!!!!

Jenny said...

You are doing so well sweet Ria! The last month was the hardest for me. Your tired, feeling huge, did I mention tired?, can't sleep and so anxious to meet your sweet baby. I remember those feelings all too well. I will be praying that the Lord gives you strength and peace during this last month of your pregnancy.

1. Best advice for the final weeks (I have about 4.5 to go....)?? Find something to help take your mind off things, wether it be reading the bible, a craft, or reading a book.. I found when I took my mind off things it helped me get some rest. Otherwise I would just be laying in bed staring at the ceiling wide awake lol
2. What surprised you the most about motherhood?
How natural it came. I was SO scared I was going to do everything wrong. And then, you meet your baby and it's like everything just "clicks", God gives us all the tools we need to take care of them.
3. Helpful tips for the transition of two (husband & wife) to three (hubby,wifey & baby)?
It's definitely tough, but also so rewarding. You two are going to miss having your alone time, but also just knowing that they grow up so fast, you both want to treasure that time with them. I would say it's all about about balance, finding the time with eachother when you can.. Even if it's jsut enjoying a cup of coffee and talking while the baby sleeps in the swing.

Natalie said...

1. I think something that helped me in the last few weeks, or especially the last days, was to have one thing every day. Even if it was just cleaning one room, or running one errand. It kept my day feeling a little fuller and made the time go by faster!
2. The thing that surprised me the most about new mommyhood was the emotions. I don't know if it's like this for everyone, but postpartum emotions for me were NOTHING like pregnancy emotions! I cried because I loved my baby soooo much and I couldn't believe how blessed I was (still am!). I was scared I was losing my mind, haha! But for those first few weeks I was very emotional and that surprised me a lot. But it did get better ;) Also I think just the pure amount of love I could have for one tiny person. I knew I would love my baby, I loved her so much while I was pregnant, but I had no idea it would be to the degree that it was!
3. Make sure your husband still knows he's #1! Check in with him and ask what you can do to make him feel loved and important. I think for us new mamas we feel like we're doing an awesome job of still paying attention to our husbands (at least I did...arrogant I guess) and that's not always how they feel ;) And just enjoy lots of time together. Snuggling with baby in bed or on the couch in the evenings are some of my most treasured times for the 3 of us in the early days!!
He will be here before you know it!

Mrs. Micek said...

Hang in there sweetie! The last month is by far the hardest! Your doing great! THe best advice I could give you would be to rest... Sleep AS MUCH as you can because once little Jude comes, you wont get much of it. :)

I think what surprised me the most about motherhood was how naturally it came to me. I was so worried about if I'd know what to do or not and I didn't need to worry at all... Your mothering instincts are one of Gods greatest gifts to us women!

I don't know if I have any tips on transitioning. Your life will change forever, but in a great way! You wont know how you lived without that sweet little boy once he's here... :)

Good Luck Girl. Hang in there!! :)

King Huckleberry said...

good questions! you are so teachable :)

1. spend time journaling and in the word. and take time to do something you never have time to do that you enjoy like crafts or organize like crazy, soon your time will be consumed! (which is a good thing)
2. it will come naturally! your emotions might surprise you-mine were not what I expected, do not be hard on yourself if you adjust differently than your expecting to. it is a BIG change! things for Josh now while you have time. show him how much you appreciate him sticking by you during this time. and when Jude comes, continue to do things special for Josh, show him you love him even more (jude will have most of your attention so it is really good to remind your hubs that he is so noticed and loved) you have such a strong friendship, that will play a huge part in this next season! laugh through tough moments together.

Brittaney said...

Your getting so close! Hoping these last few weeks fly by for you!

1. Stay busy and plan things to look forward to! If I was home alone I found myself just twiddling my thumbs with my thoughts being consumed about the arrival of our baby. But at the same time rest when you can. It will definitely pay off once sweet little Jude is here!
2. The overwhelming emotions. It sounds like that is a pretty common answer but the first week my hormones were so out of whack and I kept asking my mom friends if this was normal and they all said yes! I would stare at my husband and my baby happy as could be, but would also be crying. The sleep deprivation doesn't help the roller coaster of emotions/hormones either.
3. Check in with how each other are doing. I don't think it was till about 5 days in that we finally looked each other in the eye and asked "How are you doing?" As always communication always is key.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I've got nothing but it's so nice to see your amazing perspective!! Definitely a beautiful experience:-)

Lauren said...

you are almost there darling! can't wait to see your precious baby Jude!

As for the final weeks...just enjoy every moment. It's so easy for you to wish them goodbye just to meet your baby, but these are the last few days you have with Josh all to yourself so take advantage of them. Also try not to get overwhelmed with everything that you think you need to long as you have a carseat, diapers and a place for Jude to sleep that's all you need!

Ughh...the PPD. I was all confident that I wouldn't be affected and boy was I wrong. Those first few weeks are TOUGH. You're fighting for every moment of sleep, you're worried if your baby is eating enough, you're worried if the poop is the right color, and your hormones are seriously out of control. Just tell Josh now that you love him no matter what you say or how you act in those first few days! ha!

Nick & I went out for a date when Elyse was only about a month old. This was so important for us. We made it a point not to spend the entire evening talking about Elyse and to try and talk about those tihngs we used to discuss back pre-Elyse. This helped us both to feel like things were more back to normal & we've maintained those date nights every couple of weeks. We're so grateful for my parents to be able to babysit for us!

Char said...

Everyone else hit it on the head to what I was going to say! Really try to relax and enjoy these last few weeks. As tough as it is being this big, tired, big, more tired and none of your clothes fits, you will miss having him inside you and kicking you. Being able to grow a person inside you is one of the greatest gifts God gave women!

Emotions, yes, those surprised me. The first couple of weeks are tough, I'm not going to lie. It is ok to cry, I cried along with my little guy. It is overwhelming. BUT, you will know what to do. Always trust your motherly instinct, it comes more natural than you think :)
For the final weeks, try to stay busy with something to do each day, something to look forward to. Really spend time with your hubby too and friends and family, after Jude gets here it will be you and him for a while :)

What helped us to not go insane was keeping a log of feedings, naps, diapers, etc so after no sleep and waking in the middle of the night you're not too crazy :)

SO excited for you guys! The time is coming fast!

Jelli said...

Final weeks: Stash your freezer FULL of meals. Ask friends who want to stop in once baby is around for tp(seriously!) & juice.

Surprised me most- how much easier it was than I'd expected. Birth, breastfeeding, recovery.

Transition tips: From the beginning, put that sweet baby to bed early. I'm talking 5:30pm.(Works for us, and ours is now 5 months.) That way you and the hubs have a lovely evening all alone together.