Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fourth Edition: New Mama Questions

Last Night Josh and I were laughing sooo hard.... he was trying to tell me that comfort was a "choice" because I have been getting more and more uncomfortable with this babe inside of me. I told him to try making a "choice"....

And... I put 25lbs worth of magazines and books in his stomach for him to try and understand. Ha! It was funny and he understood.... kinda ;)


I've got some questions for you today:
  1. Best Labor & Delivery technique to work through contractions/pain/etc....
  2. Favorite brand of diapers? :) I know I have some cloth-diapering friends out there, but we are going the disposable route. No judgement just love :0)
Thanks Mama's --- love your feedback it is so helpful for this almost mama... P.s. 35 weeks on Sunday!


Breanna Veth said...

Haha you two are too funny! I can totally picture all of that playing out! You are getting so close to welcoming Jude!! :)

Jenni Larson said...

1) There is a preassure point by the thumb that helps relieve pain. Get hubby to massage it for you during labor. Did this with # 2 and it was great.
2) Sam's club diapers are the best! Best price out there and they work well too!

Megan said...

I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are! I was only pregggers until 26 weeks and my back ACHED!!

We have been using Pampers from day one and have NEVER had any issues or problems with leaking or anything! Even now with Olivia sleeping through the night! They are more expensive but they have also kept her "nice" looking clothes in good condition! :)

Marsha Cherie said...

That's too funny Ria! I made Brian walk around with a bag of sugar and a few other things I put on him when I was pretty far along with Bekah and he "understood" too :)

To answer your questions:
1- Set the mood of the room- whether you'll be at a hospital or birthing center or at home, I recommend turning lights off and having battery operated candles. (If you are at a facility, make sure to put a sign near them so that every person that comes into your room doesn't try taking them away thinking they are open flames!) Some people didn't like this,but they weren't the one about to have a baby ;) but I had a whisper-only rule as well as a no TV rule and had my favourite, most relaxing worship music playing non-stop. There was a waiting room down the hall with a TV if they got bored and told them to feel free to use it. I also highly recommend Rita Springer's song "worth it all" for the more difficult parts of labor! ;)

Whatever helps YOU relax the most is what you should do.

2- Diapers! Every baby is different, but my favourite brand is Luvs. It is more cost effective and has been the best against leakage I've found. Huggies is also fantastic for leaks, but is a little more expensive. Not sure on Pampers as Bekah was allergic to something in them.
I know you didn't ask, but for wipes, I highly highly recommend the Parent's Choice (walmart brand) Unscented with Aloe! After switching to these wipes, Bekah rarely had diaper rash! And Johnson's "cornstarch" powder lasts longer than their regular powder since you don't need as much of it per change (at least that's what I've found) Plus it does not have Talc in it, which has been linked to both lung and ovarian cancers :/ Since you have a boy, I'd just be concerned about the lung issue. They breathe at least a little of the stuff in over time, so I would stay away from the talc powders.

Hope this helped!! <3 I'll be praying for you, Josh and little Jude as the big day comes closer!!

(PS- don't be surprised if you have ESOAL flashbacks during labor! lol...)

HIS daughter said...

Hey :) My name is Katy and I found your blog via your guest post on Natalie's blog :)

I was so excited to find out you are expecting your first as well and that he is a boy! I am 32 weeks so three weeks behind :) I really think that it is neat to see other young mama-to-be's :)

May the Lord richly bless you :)


Alyssa said...

1). Breathing, closing my eyes, a focal point and squeezing my hubby's hand worked the best for me. Some people might say an epidural. I received one but it didn't numb my contractions, just my legs! So be careful with those if you are planning on getting one.

2). We used Pampers for the longest time and loved them but they are one of the more expensive brands so we switched to Luvs and have no complaint. They work just as well!

Shannon said...

I've really had fun answering your questions...I wish I had thought of doing this when I was pregnant! :)

1. We took a childbirth class through our hospital when I was about 34 weeks. I don't know if you're planning on doing that, but I think it did help both of us (especially my husband) feel more prepared. We did use some of the breathing techniques that we learned in the class and I was glad my husband remembered them because it did seem to calm me down during contractions. My favorite thing that he did when I had back labor was to press firmly on my tailbone with the palm of his hand. (We were taught that technique at class too.) Something about that hard pressure did relieve a lot of my pain. But after that, I did get an epidural when I was about 5 cm dilated, so I don't have any advice for during the actual birth.

2. We used the Pampers Swaddlers until recently and had good luck with them. We rarely had any leaks and they are so soft on that new baby's bottom! We did try the Huggies one time and Judah leaked through almost every diaper - it was very frustrating! I've heard a similar experience from some of my other mom friends. We now use the Pampers Cruisers and so far, they've been great too. I have also heard that the Sam's brand is good when your baby is wearing the bigger sized diapers.

You're getting really close! Can't wait to see pictures of your Jude...I just realized that Mark is his middle name and that's my Judah's middle name too!

Courtney said...

Ok so I am not a mama but I have kept my nephew during the day since he was 6 weeks! My favorite diapers are pampers swaddlers. They just seem to be the best fit, never had diaper rash, and have never leaked, or had a blowout! We tried other brands or had some that were baby shower gifts, and they just didnt compare to the pampers, in my opinion.

Mateya said...

I am totally going to have to make Robbie do this too haha! Good one Ria :)

I don't have experience "yet" but from what I have gathered from other moms, Pampers Baby Dry seem to be the best diapers. I've also heard to have a few packs of each and just test them out on Jude to see which ones work best!

Andrew James Goulson said...

love that photo! haha
i have tried almost every brand of diaper and i think my favorite is the target up&up brand-they work great and are affordable.

Mrs. Micek said...

Love that you tried to make him understand how uncomfortable it is to have a baby in your belly... Guys will NEVER full get it unfortunately... :)

On to your questions. I had my second completely natural and I can tell you that sitting on a birth ball and resting your head on the hospital bed is SUPER comfortable! After a bit I got in the tub (if your hospital will let you) I had the bath really warm with a cold towel on my neck! There is nothing better! :)

For your next question: PAMPERS!!! Not only do they have a yellow line down the middle that turns blue when it gets wet, but they have this awesome mesh inside them that kinda catches the poopy messes and prevents blow outs! I tried several diapers with my first and didnt find these till pretty late in the game. I've only had one blow out in them and I cant even tell you the number of clothes I went through with the other diapers! :)

Good luck my dear! :)

Natalie said...

oh my, that is too funny!! I think only someone who has been or is pregnant can fully understand the awkward discomfort!
Breathing is probably the number one thing that helped me through labor (i did go the natural route, which i am not sure if you're planning or not)...not doing any specific kind of breathing or anything, but just focusing on it through contractions. I also prayed through lots and lots of them or towards the end when I couldn't even think during them, had my husband praying for me, the contraction & the baby-I guess that probably was the #1 thing that got me through :)
We do use cloth diapers but have used disposables on different occasions and we've found the Wal Mart brand (parent's choice) to be totally fine & I couldn't find anything cheaper than those!

Nikki said...

HI Ria
I love the Luvs brand of diapers and I get them on Amazon. Sign up for Amazon Mom and you get a discount:) They are cheaper than buying them at walmart and they come right to your door! Its awesome;)!

Unknown said...

1. I thought I would love the focal point, but when I was laboring hard and Justin whipped out the focal point and insisted I looked at it. I slapped it out of his hand and told him not to show me it ever again! Ha. What really worked great for me was always knowing Justin was right there, I did not want him to leave my side. Then when it came to pushing I NEEDED him to count for me, otherwise I would not have pushed long enough. Him Counting to 10 kept me sane while I was pushing.

2. Target brand. I actually like it better than Pampers, luv's, and the other name brand one. AND they are A LOT cheaper! :)

Jenny said...

LOL you are too funny!

1. after 27 hours I ended up with an emergency c-section, so I'm not much help with this question.

2. We love Huggies. Do you have "Costco" stores by you? Their brand "Kirkland" is almost identical to huggies and you get a HUGE box for the same price as a box half that size at target or walmart. Huggies and kirkland are the only ones that carson wouldn't leak through (unless it was a full diaper)

Daphne Hope said...

I have tried a LOT of diapers with Elijah and the only one I can say I LOVE is Pampers!! Yes, they cost more so shop Sam's Club for the best deal or wait for discount/coupons at other stores! I did like the Huggies Little Movers some. We do like Huggies Night time diapers.

Kathy said...

With baby #2 I LOVED using an exercise ball during labor. The most important thing for me was to focus on my breathing, that kept me calm and relaxed.

We also love Pampers. Especially at the beginning, they just have such great fit and are super absorbent.

Char said...

1. For me it was music and having my hubby count for me when I pushed. Once it came time to push, I think my mind went blank that it was "Time" and now I had to do a lot of work. Try to focus on one thing, whether it be a focal point object, your hubby, the light on the ceiling, the color of someone's shirt...for me that helped and I zeroed in on that in between breaths. Before pushing...Really focus breathing through each contraction and yes, yoga ball is great!

2. I've used Pampers and Huggies with the yellow line, both have been great. I have a little boy and we get blow outs a lot, so that's why it is good to have lots of onesises :) Also, sign up for "subscribe and save" on amazon for diapers and wipes, you will save 20%!

Hang in there, time will go by quickly!

Wendy said...

Don't forget to breath through labor :) As crazy as it sounds, it's true!

I adore Huggies, they have worked great for my kids. For a cheaper route, I use Up & UP diapers which are comparable to Huggies. Following couponers helps because you can always find diaper coupons :)

So very happy for you!

Lauren said...

I was stopped right before I got to the pushing stage...and as you've read my story, it was a little stressful before I got to that I'm not much help.

We had Pampers from the hospital and then tried to switch to Luvs because of the cost difference. I just didn't like them near as well and I felt like Elyse was so much more likely to leak out with the we're back to Pampers for now.

Callie said...

Lamaze breathing techniques and most definitely Pampers!