Friday, January 27, 2012

First Edition: New Mama Questions (& TGIF!)

I have decided to create a weekly post asking "New Mama" questions and look forward to seeing what my sweet followers advice may be!! I love hearing from new mom's about what has worked... what hasn't worked... and what is MUST have items for the first few weeks of babies life! It may be one question - it may be three.

Let's talk Hospital Bag....
  1. What did you forget and wish you had remembered?
  2. What were your essential items you brought with?
  3. Did you have it packed WAYYY in advance? 2 bags?
Going through our birth class is awesome and super good information! (Class 2 was last night)... I feel like I knew nothing about the "technical" terms of labor and delivery. I love knowing the wording and verbiage so that I am able to better understand when Jude wants to make his big debut!

Last night we talked about preparations before labor including the hospital bag. I thought it would be good to get your advice! Our teacher said it would be a good idea to have a post-it note with the last few items you'd like so that hubby can grab those when you are going into labor and not thinking about your makeup bag, etc... good advice....

Okay... have at it... leave a comment with your answers!! :) Thanks ladies!

TGIF~ It's FRIDAY! Praise the Lord! We have a low-key weekend planned with lots of rest and time with friends. I'm excited about it! HAPPY WEEKEND!


Unknown said...

I forgot my laptop! Must have! Comfy pjs, robe, and different size clothing for baby! Make sure josh has comfy clothes too. OH and a nursing sports bra!

Alyssa said...

Bring a couple different outfits for your little one as they usually take newborn pics in the hospital. Comfy clothes for you and slippers. Personal hygrometer products cause you start to feel a little gross after awhile and some make up to spruce yourself up. Don't forget phone charges, camera and extra batteries and snacks for your hubby! I'm kinda a new follower and love reading your updates about your baby! Feel free to check my blog out also :)

Jenny said...

Another mama recommended this to me and it was a huge help at the hospital.... Nursing tanks!! Your going to have so many visitors and it was nice to wear the tank instead of the hospital gown (after birth) so I could feed the baby and be more comfortable. Also other things that were a must were : camera, cellphone charger, newborn size and 0-3 month size baby clOthes (Carson was almost 10 pounds and didn't fit in the newborn clothes, I was so glad I brought a size bigger too), a pillow for the husband and the boppy (nursing pillow). The nursinpillow really came in handy at the hospital as I was learning how to breast feed. ll

Natalie said...

Everyone told me NOT to bring my pump, so I didn't (if you are breastfeeding). But at the hospital, they wanted me to try pumping to see if I could do it fine in case I needed to when I got home. And I didn't have my pump, so I had to use theirs but they give you your own parts for it and the hospital charges and arm and leg for everything. So I would say to bring your pump if you have one and are breastfeeding!
Definitely recommend the post-it idea. I had a list written out of last minute things like laptop, chargers, pillow, etc. that I couldn't really pack ahead of time. I think I had our bags packed around 36 weeks or so. I went into labor on the night of my due date. I did buy two sleep shirts but I stayed in the hospital gown most of the time because it was just easier. Things like toiletries. I didn't bring soap or shampoo thinking they would have it and they had one dispenser of some kind of all in one thing that I didn't like. I would bring newborn and 0-3 month clothes-my baby was almost 9 pounds and didn't fit in newborn stuff. Your own pillow is a MUST. I needed more pillows than they had to prop myself up and get comfortable at night (I was very sore). And a boppy pillow if you are nursing...really helpful while you are trying to get the hang of what position is most comfortable for you and Jude :)

Unknown said...

I brought way to much both times but I'd rather have to much than not enough :) a few things that were essential were sweats (I didn't stay in the hospital gown more than an hour after either of them were born), slippers, comfy tshirt, tank top, headband, gowns for baby, Deoderent for daddy, nursing bra (I wore mine during labor, just wasn't comfortable without one!), camera (obviously!). And a few things I brought but never used were movies, a towel and wash cloth (just use the hospital ones, way easier!), snacks (most hospitals have good snacks). Good luck!! It's so exciting and special :) I can't wait to have another one, the whole process is amazing and its so much fun to meet your little one after waiting so long!

Unknown said...

I brought way to much both times but I'd rather have to much than not enough :) a few things that were essential were sweats (I didn't stay in the hospital gown more than an hour after either of them were born), slippers, comfy tshirt, tank top, headband, gowns for baby, Deoderent for daddy, nursing bra (I wore mine during labor, just wasn't comfortable without one!), camera (obviously!). And a few things I brought but never used were movies, a towel and wash cloth (just use the hospital ones, way easier!), snacks (most hospitals have good snacks). Good luck!! It's so exciting and special :) I can't wait to have another one, the whole process is amazing and its so much fun to meet your little one after waiting so long!

Sarah said...

I did a post on this as well and got a lot of helpful tips in the comments section...check it out:

Shannon said...

How exciting that you're getting so close! I have a little Judah (who we call Jude sometimes too) who is 4 months old. A couple of things you definitely want to bring:

-a Boppy pillow if you are breastfeeding (it makes nursing so much easier for a first time mom)

-a couple of newborn sized outfits for Jude (my Judah was 8 lbs. 3 oz. -not a tiny baby!- and 0-3 month clothes were HUGE on him.) Judah wasn't able to wear anything cute home from the hospital because I didn't think newborn clothes would be big enough.

-I don't know if I would worry about bringing cute pajamas/sweats except for the ride home. I stayed in my hospital gown more than I thought I would because nurses are constantly coming in to check your vitals, check on your healing, etc. I also had to sit on ice a lot because I had some stitches. I took showers, did my hair and makeup, but I was too tired and sore to worry about looking cute.

Also, make sure to ask the nurse for some of the soothing gel pads for nursing and extra pads for when you get home. You'll go through a lot, even though I thought the bleeding was pretty comparable to regular period. (Sorry if that's TMI!)

Best wishes, and hope you have a safe delivery! I was really nervous about it but the healing was much easier than I thought it would be!

Unknown said...

I agree with comment about the nursing tanks. I actually wore those instead of a bra most of the time. They are more modest and are very comfy.

One thing that really stuck out to me was panties. I brought panties that fit me pregnant but for some reason, they were very uncomfortable after I delivered. They provide mesh ones in the hospital but I suggest bringing a few pairs the next size up just in case.

Finally, bring soft swaddling blankets for baby Jude because the hospital ones are scruffy.

Lauren said...

Comfy, comfy, comfy stuff! Comfortable for you, for baby, & for hubby! I ended up being slightly overpacked but I don't feel like I went overboard. I had everything pretty much ready to go about 2 weeks in advance and the only things I needed to grab were my makeup and hair stuff.

Someone mentioned the breast pump...I didn't take mine on purpose so that I could use theirs. My pump was Medela and that's what the hospital provided, all the tubing & accessories are yours after you use them and they work on all pumps and this actually saved me quite a bit of money since I was using a borrowed pump and would have needed to buy all new tubing for myself anyway. I guess it all depends on how your insurance was...I met my out of pocket max so I was taking advantage of every thing I could!

Definitely your Boppy & some cute stuff for Jude. The hospital let us dress Elyse in her own outfits and also use her own cute receiving blankets!

Good luck girl!

Lily Dawn said...

I agree with what everyone else has said to bring and if you are a music person you might want to bring something to play music in your room- we brought our baby bach cds and just had them playing when we had some downtime with the babies(having c-sections we were at the hospital a little longer than usual).

Toiletries for sure- lip balm was a necessity for me.

Slip-on shoes

You will be so happy that you kept up with the pregnancy on your blog and have all the pictures and everything to remember. I don't have hardly any preggo pics with my boys and I regret it now- I'll definitely take more if we have another one :)

Char said...

Definitely nursing tank/sports bra. I got sick of the hospital gown! Some extra comfy clothes for you, loose and bigger (you won't lose all the baby weight!). Comfy shoes/sandals. Yes, newborn & 0-3 month outfit for baby, mine was alomst 10 lbs too :) Gloves/mittens for baby, so he doesn't scratch his face. We brought a laptop to listen to music during labor and time leading up to that. Your own pillow(s) for you and hubby.

And for home: Go buy lots of pads :( You will need these after. Won't be a bad idea to stock up on some ice packs either. And some larger size underwear, to be comfy in.

I had the bag packed 3 weeks before I was due, just in case :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I had my bag packed full of stuff I had read that I would "need". I didn't end up using any of it! The hospital provided everything. The only thing I would say to bring is comfy clothes and extra clothes for the little one.

Becky said...

Someone advised me to buy Depends - heavy duty, thick pads because regular pads won't cut it and the ones the hospital gives you are funky. They are also much more comfortable as far as giant pads go. :) I second the snacks idea! I had a box of chocolately protein bars which were a godsend at 5am after my son was born and nothing was open yet. Best of all, they are non-perishable, so you can pack them whenever you want! Also, extra blankets and pillows for you and your hub. They may not give you much there. Good luck!

Natasha said...

Hey Ria : ) I remember being so excited as I packed my bag...I hope you're enjoying these last weeks. Here's what I would recommend:
-snacks for Josh (and you) but you're going to want him energized and not fading... lol and don't pack anything that will make his breath smell...can you imagine trying to focus and having your sweet husband trying to encourage you, all the while his breath is making you fun : )
-baby nail'll be surprised how long and sharp little judes nails will be when he comes out
-I set up a a network of phone numbers so when we needed prayer or had something to announce, Neal only had to call one person and it filtered through easily and didn't take a lot of his time
-warm clothes for Josh...I was so HOT during labor and delivery, poor Neal nearly froze because I had them keep the room so cold
-orange juice : ) so refreshing after baby arrives and it's one of the best things for restoring energy and nutrients to you quickly
-those really fuzzy spa socks : ) you might just not feel like putting shoes on whenever you need to get up, plus it's not uncommon for your feet to swell big time right after delivery and who wants to squish into shoes that are too small
-maybe silly but bring lipgloss...and a pair of earrings that make you feel pretty or a cute headband or probably won't feel like putting on makeup or making a big fuss but sometimes simple things help how you feel, scrap the perfume or super scented lotions though, Judes scenses are ultra sensitive and intense smells will probably cause more fuss than they're worth

I'm so excited for you Ria : )

Unknown said...

I had everything packed TOO EARLY. lol! With Tristan it was awful!! I was so excited and packed so early, that I started to take things OUT of my bag when I needed them, which means.... I totally forgot SHAMPOO and COND. YES!!! Little things like that... OH and my BRUSH!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes... it was awful! :/ a rat's nest! lol!

So, I would advise to goooooooo BUY an extra brush, HAIR TYES, headbands, new makeup... something that will make you feel EXTRA special the day you push that baby out! :) When visitors come.... and the CAMERA IS OUT.... and you aren't in labor anymore and you can actually care what you look like. :) LOL! DO IT!

Unknown said...

OOOH! and buy a NEW OUTFIT!!! like 1 that says.. "NEW MOMMA!" like a cute custom sweatsuit! :D

~Amanda~ said...

1. I made a list of everything I wanted packed, so nothing was forgotten. Then as I felt up to it I would go thru and pack a little here and there. I also had a list of last min grabs that I was able to do before we left for the hospital. (It was a good distraction! I got really nervous before we left! I even did quite a bit of cleaning!)

2. Essential Items! Um... number one is bring things that RELAX you and can take your mind off the contractions! Get in the middle of a good book, bring a movie, music, games! The more relaxed you are the better the contractions can get rolling.
I also made a birthing list with all sorts of info dealing with what kind of treatment I wanted, what I wanted after birth, what visitors were allowed and when. We had that setting on the table so the dr and nurses could read that... don't expect your hubby to remember details! He's just focused on you! (We only allowed our parents on the first day giving us some time to rest up and time to get to know the baby. That way we weren't hit with our huge family all at once!)

I also suggest that you bring a few different outfits (COMFY!!) For the first 24 hrs I had no bladder control and every time I stood up I went pee even though I didn't feel like I had to! So either stay in your gown until your IV fluid has flushed thru you or make sure you don't have that same problem so your not going thru all your clothes in 2 hours!

We pretty much only called our parents and immediate family when we had our baby. We let them spread the word so we could get back to our baby! So don't feel bad if that's the route you go... all of these decisions need to be about you and your new family!!!