Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowy Weekend!

Where did the week go? I'm not complaining... It's Friday!

I hope this weekend is going to be snowy as we have a winter wedding tomorrow to photograph. I am looking forward to the fun shots we can get despite the colder temps here in MN! :)

Yesterday was a fun and exciting day... a bridal store here is advertising my photography and I brought in my enlargement photo that they selected: 

They are actually friends too! James & Hannah .... you are famous!!

While I was in the area I decided to stop by and visit my Mom & Sister. They work at the same grade school so it is always fun to surprise them both in one stop. I snapped this photo of my mama teaching her cute kiddos art.... SUCH a great teacher!

Coolest Art Teacher Around! :)
And... I also met the cutest kindergardener named Jude Mark. No kidding. My sister told me his name was Jude so I introduced myself (he was not impressed) and I told him the baby in my tummy was also going to be named Jude (he was not impressed). HA! Then... I asked him what his middle name was just for fun. He responded really quietly with, "Mark". I was like "NO WAY!" Probably scared him, but I was shocked. What a cutie pie!!!!! Another Jude Mark in this world :)

One of my best friends Laurel (you might follow her blog) had her twin boys this week and is recovering... so if you think of it pray for her! Liam and Finley are her boys and they are so adorable I just can't wait to meet them! :) Aka Jude's best friends!

Happy Weekend Friends! I am relying on my anchor, Jesus today and this weekend. He keeps us from drifting!!


Unknown said...

Ok, this is such an exciting post! So happy for you and your business Ri! Seriously. And congrats to your friend. Can't wait to meet little Jude too. Blessings friend!

Jamie Leigh said...

How exciting your photo got hung!! I am so happy for you! I LOVE your story about little Jude Mark, how cute! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mateya said...

How fun to surprise your mom and sister! :)

Have a great weekend...sounds like you guys are going to get lots of snow!

Lauren said...

so exciting that you get some local exposure! have a fabulous weekend...there's a chance of flurries on our Missouri forecast, but nothing crazy!

Chana said...

Congrats love! That is so great :)

Joni Lenzen said...

Cute post! I am SO glad you were able to meet our little Jude from NHCA! Yes, he is a cutie! It was fun to get a surprise visit from you too...I didn't know you took a picture of me are a funny one darlin daughter!!!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Thats awesome that your photo will be advertised at the bridal store. Your going to be so busy you won't know what to do with yourself :)

Love the name Jude!!

Ott, A. said...

I've been following your pregnancy on your blog as my husband and I are just a couple weeks behind you. I finally announced it on my blog today and am posting all pregnancy related posts all week. Have you started shopping for maternity clothes yet? What a challenge.