Tuesday, December 20, 2011

26 Week BUMPdate {and Happy Birthday Aimee!}

26 Weeks and doing great!

Size of baby:  The length of a cucumber! He is weighing probably close to over a pound and a 1/4!

Symptoms: Just uncomfort as my sweet boy continues to grow and stretch inside of me. AND HEART BURN! More like throat burn... ouchy! The uncomfort is not unbearable, but just uncomfortable. Get used to it, right? Life isn't comfortable and I am learning that more and more. This is such a humbling process - wow God knew what he was doing!

Cravings: Food in general. I love noodles. All things noodles: egg noddles, tortellini, pasta - give me the pasta :)

Something you Miss: Staying up late. Ha! I was never a late night person but now seriously late nights drain me. Guess this New Years isn't going to be such a party :) It's totally fine with me!
Milestones: Lots more movement! He is a mover and a shaker in there... a little running back for sure!
Looking Forward To: Starting the nursery this week! Thursday we are planning the colors and taking a trip to Ikea :) I can't wait! I have so many ideas... I just want them to all come together and get it done WAY in advance so it's one less thing to think about :) His shoe collection is continuing to develop too...

Prayer for our baby this week:

Dear Lord, Baby Jude continues to grow and develop and I thank you for that! His face is developed to look like a real newborn and what he will look like when he is born. That is amazing! Of course we are anxious to see what similarities he will have to Mommy and Daddy but mostly my prayer is that he would LOOK like you. I pray with all my heart that he would love to follow after you and begin to look more and more like Jesus to others around him. Thank you for this precious child that we get to call SON! We love you Lord, Amen.


Happy Birthday sweet, beautiful, joyful Aimee Marie!

You are SUCH a great joy to your family, our family and so many people! Your little personality is so special and I know you love Jesus and that is really fun to see! :) We pray many, many blessings over your life as you continue to develop and grow into a young lady. You are a delight!!!!!


Jamie Leigh said...

Baby Jude is sure growing! so fun! And happy birthday to your sweet niece!!!

Chelsea Leigh said...

you look BEAUTIFUL, ria!
so happy for you!!

Faith said...

you look absolutely beautiful! happy 26 weeks!

Jenny said...

Hello sweet friend! You look so beautiful! Pregnancy suits you! I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger friend, I have so much to catch up on your blog :) I will though! I had the WORST heartburn too while PG, it's not fun at all. I'm praying it goes away for you quickly.

Have a very Merry Christmas love, God bless!

Jenn said...

I just hit the 26 week mark as well! You look great! And no late nights here either- I'm done with the day by 9 (if it's a "late night!" haha). :)

Andrea said...

Oh I love the baby prayer! What an awesome idea...you are 6 weeks ahead of me in your pregnancy, you're looking great!!

Anonymous said...

tums works great for heart burn and it's safe for baby :)

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL RIA! You are glowing! :)

Emily said...

Ria, you look amazing! I can't wait for Jude to meet the world so we all can see his handsome face! Keep trying to enjoy this pregnancy! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

you are too cute...the weeks are flying aren't they!