Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a week already!

This week has been so packed and it's only Wednesday morning. Wow! I'm trying to catchup on your blog posts, friends... Sorry for my lack of commenting :(

We are in FULL prep for Friday and the big GENDER REVEAL! Stay tuned for more photos and of course the recap post.... with the big reveal here on LIFE AS A WIFE. What gender is our sweet baby Thurston?

God is so cool in his timing... isn't he? Hard news and trials are often paired with encouragement and crazy God moments. I experienced that BIG time yesterday. More on that to come! :) Enjoy the middle of the week friends! I am encouraged by a God who declares that we are his beloved. That's what he calls us... BELOVED! :)

{These were from Monday night "halloween" we celebrated by eating yummy treats and spending time with my sis-in-law & bro-in-law + friends Britt & Ben. Goooood stuff!}


Jamie Leigh said...

I am DYING to find out if baby Thurston is a girl or a boy :) Bless you!!

Mollie and Tyler said...

Thought you should know that your posts are a daily encouragement of God's amazing love. Recently God has been awakening my heart more to the gospel and my need to accept His love and take whatever he gives me with a thankful heart good or bad. Thanks for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blogs it is so cute. Congratulations on your new little miracle. It is so amazing to find so many people with such a passion and love for God!!

Mateya said...

Oh goodness I cannot wait to hear what Baby T is! :)

Claire said...

oh my goodness I'm dying over here waiting to find out sweet baby Thurston's gender!!!