Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Victory & Failure

Isn't life full of victories and also accompanied by what we think is failure?? I used to struggle with failure BIG time. It was mostly in little areas... like I just wouldn't enter into something if I knew I would have the opportunity to possibly fail.

Example: Trying out for the musical in high-school. I had fear because I most likely wouldn't get any part and would stumble over my words, etc so therefore it just wasn't worth it.

However, there have been more times than not where I have pushed through that FEAR of failure and reached a level of VICTORY that wouldn't have been possible without just moving forward.

Example: Deciding to Photograph weddings. I was deathly afraid of entering this arena because of the responsibility and intense-ness. Yet there came victory... and it is my favorite thing now!

I got to thinking about this last night when our ohh-so-sad-Vikings didn't seem to have much victory in the BIG game vs. the Packers. I thought, I wonder how they view this? Do they see it is a major failure or as a LESSON....

[I also got excited because I got Jude and I matching shirts for NEXT year!!]

In life when there is failure (or what we think might be failure) it is often so clearly accompanied with VICTORY! I feel like I experience that a lot in life... it's just taking the mistakes/messup's/situations and CHOOSING to turn them into a learning process which will ALWAYS result in Victory.

noun /ˈvikt(ə)rē/ 
a successful ending of a struggle or contest; "a narrow victory"

[ Josh did a lot of this last night... ]

Deuteronomy 20:4
For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory."


Lauren said...

great post...isn't it amazing, how we can relate almost anything in life to God's relationship & desires for our life?!? Coincidence...I think not!

Jamie Leigh said...

Josh looks like Sean last night! I also have chosen not to do stuff out of fear of failure, it is something I have been trying to work on! Thanks for the encouraging words this morning!

Chana said...

Cute! We will have to get him a Packer's shirt because clearly that is the team to root for :) Start him out right in life! {Disclaimer, I don't really like football...}

Mrs. S said...

So awesome!! You are an inspiration-- Jude is a family name for us! I love it!

Unknown said...

Great post friend. I have gotten to the point where I continuously learn through failing. Sometimes you fail because God wants you to learn. Love it!

King Huckleberry said...

chica bonita your belly is really growing :) :) love it

Anonymous said...

So true- we just have to power through things! We'll never feel ready for it! I'm really impressed with your photography business- I admire your ability to go out on your own to do that!

Ashley Cody said...

Look at your cute belly!! I can't believe you're getting so big, I feel like I just saw you at Jamie's wedding and there was nothing there yet! haha such a pretty lady!