Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Victory & Failure

Isn't life full of victories and also accompanied by what we think is failure?? I used to struggle with failure BIG time. It was mostly in little areas... like I just wouldn't enter into something if I knew I would have the opportunity to possibly fail.

Example: Trying out for the musical in high-school. I had fear because I most likely wouldn't get any part and would stumble over my words, etc so therefore it just wasn't worth it.

However, there have been more times than not where I have pushed through that FEAR of failure and reached a level of VICTORY that wouldn't have been possible without just moving forward.

Example: Deciding to Photograph weddings. I was deathly afraid of entering this arena because of the responsibility and intense-ness. Yet there came victory... and it is my favorite thing now!

I got to thinking about this last night when our ohh-so-sad-Vikings didn't seem to have much victory in the BIG game vs. the Packers. I thought, I wonder how they view this? Do they see it is a major failure or as a LESSON....

[I also got excited because I got Jude and I matching shirts for NEXT year!!]

In life when there is failure (or what we think might be failure) it is often so clearly accompanied with VICTORY! I feel like I experience that a lot in life... it's just taking the mistakes/messup's/situations and CHOOSING to turn them into a learning process which will ALWAYS result in Victory.

noun /ˈvikt(ə)rē/ 
a successful ending of a struggle or contest; "a narrow victory"

[ Josh did a lot of this last night... ]

Deuteronomy 20:4
For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory."

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Lauren said...

great post...isn't it amazing, how we can relate almost anything in life to God's relationship & desires for our life?!? Coincidence...I think not!

Jamie Leigh said...

Josh looks like Sean last night! I also have chosen not to do stuff out of fear of failure, it is something I have been trying to work on! Thanks for the encouraging words this morning!

Chana said...

Cute! We will have to get him a Packer's shirt because clearly that is the team to root for :) Start him out right in life! {Disclaimer, I don't really like football...}

Mrs. S said...

So awesome!! You are an inspiration-- Jude is a family name for us! I love it!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Great post friend. I have gotten to the point where I continuously learn through failing. Sometimes you fail because God wants you to learn. Love it!

Laurel said...

chica bonita your belly is really growing :) :) love it

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

So true- we just have to power through things! We'll never feel ready for it! I'm really impressed with your photography business- I admire your ability to go out on your own to do that!

Ashley Cody said...

Look at your cute belly!! I can't believe you're getting so big, I feel like I just saw you at Jamie's wedding and there was nothing there yet! haha such a pretty lady!