Monday, October 24, 2011

WOF WEEKEND & Baby Shower!

I had a women-filled weekend that was lovely. I love spending time with other ladies and fellow-shipping... it does something GOOD for my soul! Women of Faith was quite the experience and such an inspiring conference. We heard from amazing speakers such as Sheila Walsh, Angie Smith, Lisa Harper and more... wow!

Another MALE speaker was Henry Cloud who is a psychologist... and the information was SO interesting to me. He shared a lot about boundaries within the church, families, and friendships. How to deal with toxic relationships and what happiness REALLY means. So interesting!

Here are the lovely ladies I attended with... minus Erika. She was coming! So sweet. Hannah, Amanda & Sarah!

Angie Smith was by far the speaker I was looking forward to the most. Not because of her story, but because of her heart and blog that I have followed for a long time. She is humble and has a heart for motherhood and the Lord. She lost a daughter after being alive for only 2 hours and that was hard to hear, but the Lord's intervention and helping was the BEST to hear from her!

Baby Thurston really decided to pop out on Saturday! So crazy... I didn't feel that "big" until looking at the photo. Tomorrow is my 18 week bump-date... so stay tunned!

I also helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends, Laurel. I hardly took any photos because I was busy running around. It was so special because she is expecting twin baby boys this next month. We can hardly wait!!!! She is going to be a great Mama and I feel blessed to be her friend :)

Phew! What a weekend.... I want to leave you with one thought from Women of Faith:
 YOU CAN DO ANYTHING GOD CALLS YOU TO DO! I pray that you know that today!


Jamie Leigh said...

Looks like an amazing and refreshing weekend! LOVE your baby bump, so cute!!

Lauren said...

We had the WOF Imagine tour in KC last year and it was AMAZING!!! My mom & I were both in awe of Sheila Walsh & I also really really enjoyed Henry Cloud! What a fabulous weekend!

P.s. you look absolutely adorable with your bump!

Jenny said...

What a fabulous weekend and can I just say how ADORABLE your bump is?Seriously, you are the cutest!

Unknown said...

This looks so amazing! I need to go to something like this!

Mateya said...

I have always thought the WOF conference would be so awesome to go to!

Look at that bump! :) So exciting!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

that looks like an awesome conference....i like Dr. Cloud very just reminded me to read the book i purchased by him recently..thank you!

Stephanie M. Page said...

LOOK AT THAT BABY!!! YAYA!!!! Yes! We can do anything God has called us to do!!! yes yes yes! =)

Laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You are looking so adorable with your little baby bump! :) Happy Monday!