Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sister, Sister: Happy Birthday Jonna!

Today is my beautiful big sisters birthday! I love my sister so much and as the years pass on... I realize how much I truly appreciate her!

She is wise beyond her years.
She is bold in faith and obedience.
She is full of joy... Almost 100% of the time :)
She is a fantastic example of a godly wife!
She is the best-est sissy a girl could ask for!!

Jonnnnnaaaaa Rae be blessed on your birthday! I pray that this year is filled with surprises, memories and fabulous moments where God speaks directly to your heart. Joshy and I are so thankful for you. Anddddd... You are going to be an AMAZING Auntie to our baby :) LOVE!


Jonna said...

Thanks SISSY!! LOVE YOU!!! YOU are the BESTEST Sister too!! xoxo

Jamie Leigh said...

This is so sweet! Sisters are so special and the best!! Happy birthday Jonna!

Lauren said...

so sweet! you guys are both beautiful!

happy birthday jonna!

Chana said...

Love to you Jonna! Blessings on your Birthday :)

Claire said...

Aw so sweet! Happy Birthday to your sissy :)

Unknown said...

Love sisters! Happy birthday to her!

Appleshoe said...

such lovely sisters. Have a blessed day fall baby!

Joni Lenzen said...

Oh so sweet....yes, Jonna is amazing, and so are you, Ria Be...two darling daughters...I am so proud...and SO thankful you both a choosing to follow Jesus!!