Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Process: Part II

As I left my appointment (with my doctor).... she said, "I bet I will see you again for your pregnancy confirmation appointment in the next month or so..." I just secretly rolled my eyes because I felt so frustrated (and dramatic) that it wouldn't happen for. forever. How silly of me, right?

Turns out through that appointment I really had a breakthrough moment with God, with Josh and with myself. God clearly showed me that HIS TIMING ALWAYS WINS. Why was I trying to control this when yet again he would prove himself faithful???

Why do we try so hard to take the reigns? 

It was a really humbling time and I just really, really surrendered at this point. I let go. I let God. It was not an easy process but it was the most rewarding thing I could have done. It was nothing elaborate, it was just simply REALLY BELIEVING for the first time that God was in control of this situation. He had it covered. I had no control.

No big fireworks happened, but I had peace. Peace that passed all understanding in my human mind (Philippians 4:7)

That very. next. month (in July) I waited to take a pregnancy test until 3 days after my period was suppose to arrive... (not the 5 days before like the test says and I did might have done several months prior :)) God showed up and WE GOT A POSITIVE.

I was in shock. Complete shock. Started crying and journaling to God... Seriously?

God took Josh and I through a process to bring us even closer to his heart and his plans for us... if we would have gotten pregnant on MY time schedule it would have been a REALLY hard Fall season & really challenging summer photography season with weddings. Because it was God's perfect timing... we have seen all the pieces line up perfectly and truly experience a miracle. 

God does things ON PURPOSE!
Every. Single. Time.

{I pray you are encouraged today as I step out in obedience in sharing part of my personal journey. I would love to hear from you if I can pray for you in any specific way. Shoot me an email:} BLESS YOU FRIENDS!


Kenya said...

You are so encouraging!!! I really LOVE reading your posts. So glad that you let God show you the way to perfect timing. :)

Unknown said...

This gives me butterflies. God is sooo good!

Lauren said...

LOVE this! isn't it amazing what can happen when we let go and let God do his thing?!?

Jonio Lenzen said...

What an amazing woman of God you are, dear sweet Ria...! Yes, God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!!

Jenny said...

God does everything on purpose! We can't surprise him, but he can ALWAYS surprise us! So excitd for you and your hubby as you begin this new chapter of your lives :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

aww..this is so sweet! congrats and your story is definitely inspiring!

Claire said...

I loved reading both parts of your story, Ria. How amazing how when we release control to God, He puts things together in His perfect timing and in His perfect GRACE and LOVE! I'm so happy for you! And how amazing that you've been able to see that it was the best timing possible! Loved feeling your heart through this post. Thanks for being transparent!

Mateya said...

God is good! :)

Unknown said...

I am a newlywed and we have been trying for about a year and I've had no luck but you know I was so determined to get pregnant and start our little family that I failed to realize it is always in God's time. So, I don't think about it as much and hopefully I can have a blog like this soon with a blessing coming our way! Blessings! Congrats! I am so happy for you!