Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happpppy Birthday Auntie Shell!!

My sweet Seattle Auntie Shell has a birthday today!!!

She is my momma's younger sister. We love her so much!! She was the best Auntie growing up :)

It's even extra special because she has two girls (sisters = Zoe & Bailey) and my mom had two girls (us - Jonna & Ria)

Happy, Happy Birthday Sheeeelllll Belllll Bal-uba! Hope your day is amazing. We miss you!!!

Thanks for always being such a great Aunt... I remember all the fun times at Target, the makeup gifts, and your amazing memory with our birthday/important dates! I pray I am an Auntie like you to my nieces/nephews! Bless you big time! Love, love, love!


Jonna said...

SHES THE BESTEST AUNTIE!!! So thankful for you Shell!!! :)

Amanda said...

happy b-day to your aunt! beautiful pics! :)

Unknown said...

aww happy birthday to her!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

aww...happy bday to your aunt...we share a bday! she must be totally awesome!