Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cute Flower GIVEAWAY & Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today is my bro-in-law's birthday!! Happppppyyyy Birthday Kyle. We are so happy you are our bro-in-law :)

I've explained the family connection before with Kyle's family and my Thurston family... but Kyle has a little sis who is one of my good, good friends... BRE! We love Bre and her hubby Dana. They live in Alabama currently.... But I have to brag on Bre for a minute...

She opened her very own ETSY shop with thee cutest flowers you will ever see:

She is SO talented and I love all of her flowers. I am currently rockin' the black one... I have gotten SO many compliments on it!

  • Go check out Bre's Etsy Shop {Glory Accessories}
  • Pick your Favorite Flower/Accessory she made!
  • Leave 1 comment with contact info & favorite!
  • Ria will select 1 winner next week & have Bre mail you your favorite flower for FREE!
I love supporting my friends! Please check out her shop and if you don't win... you can STILL purchase your favorite flower :) They are priced so reasonably! Blessings!!


Daphne Hope said...

I love the Zebra Ruffled Hair Flower! I have a scarf that it would match perfectly!!


Lauren said...

love the black & zebra hair flower...but they are all so stinkin' cute!

J and A said...

I love the majestic floral one! Pretty purple!

Sara Katherine said...

I love the Pearl and Stripes Ruffled Hair Flower!!


Ashley said...

I love the zebra with fuschia ruffle flower!!

Great give away!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! and I LOVE the pink and gold floral hair piece!


Suzanne said...

The zebra ruffle is awesome. I'm sure one of my girls would love it!


Cindy P said...

Oh wow! I love the autumn inspired gold and yellow one! That is fabulous!!


Appleshoe said...

Hi Ria, I like the Autumn Inspired Yellow and Gold one the best. But I also like her felt rose magnets. I wonder if those could be made into hair toys? Could be fun.

Laura said...

I love all of them, but I think I'd choose the black layered flower!

Charla Olson said...

I absolutely love the peach one and the black & zebra hair flower!!!

They are all absolutely adorable...VERY TALENTED!

Susan said...

I love Bre's Black and Zebra Hair Flower because it would go with many outfits; plus, it would look good in my red hair :-) Nice touch to have newsprint behind it in the photo.

Breanna Veth said...

Ria you are the best! Love this! And readers thanks for all your sweet sweet comments :) My shop is loving you your love ;)

Laura said...

So nice of you Ria!! If I had to choose just ONE, it'd be the black and zebra.


Britt said...

Cute Bre! I love the peach ruffled flower :)


Jodi said...

Hi Sweet Ria,

Happy 15 weeks!

My favorite flower is the Peach Ruffled Hair Flower. You are right, she is quite talented :)

Jodi Bostrom

Britt said...

Cute Bre! I love these because you can put them in your hair, on your bag, or on your scarf! I love the peach ruffled flower :)


Shauniee said...

i love the pink and gold floral one! it will be perfect for my senior pictures with you in the winter! (:


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the autumn inspired one :) BEAUTIFUL!


Truly His said...

OOooh! I love giveaways :) I love the pearl striped one! PRETTY! You look gorgeous, friend!

Jenny said...

Hi Sweet Friend! You look so beautiful! Happy birthday to your brother in law :)

I "reopened" Life After Yes today, I've been thinking about it for awhile... Anyways I updated your button on there an am updating everything else on there right now too. I would love for you to "follow" me back over there again :)

Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!! Best of luck to her as her shop grows!!

Anonymous said...

ruffled hair flower- black and white striped!