Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Weekend

I love weekends. Don't we all! :) This weekend was nice and relaxing mixed with busy and full. I can't complain. I got to spend time with Josh's side of the family on Sunday, lunch at my sis-in-law's home. Yum! Pumpkin Manicotti = Delish!

cell phone pic
These cuties always make me smile! My two nieces... how cute are they? Livi is getting so talkative, expressive and SMART! She is full of life it is too cute!

{cell phone pic again...}

I also photographed 4 seniors on Saturday. I love that age! Oh my goodness, I also felt like my view of high school guys was redeemed by one of the seniors I photographed! I was feeling so sad about some of the stories I was hearing about high school seniors at the high school I graduated from... it was breaking my heart. So much opportunity and potential and they seem to be disregarding it all just for a few "fun" times. It made me SO sad. I was overjoyed to photograph kids that seem to have their heads on straight :) Here are a couple peeks....

I love my job! Onto a week filled with editing, photoshoots and an October wedding on Saturday! Blessings!


Unknown said...

Gosh, you are SUCH a great photographer! and your neices are ADORBS!

Unknown said...

YAYYY! Love the pictures! :) TOO CUTE!


Jenny said...

I love all the senior portraits! you did a fabulous job friend!

Breanna Veth said...


Appleshoe said...

Lovely pictures. Ria, we are getting old ;)The kids that are coming up after us will find their way. Take care.