Thursday, September 1, 2011

Girls Night & A Song for You!

Last night was GIRLS night at my sweet friend Hannah's home. It was so fun to spend time with wonderful girls that fear the Lord and have sweet spirits. So uplifting! And... a brand new edition came along too. Madison Grace - my friend Bri's new baby girl. Just a fresh 2 weeks old!

{cell phone pic of Madison Grace & Me}

How sweet is she? Oh my goodness... having her in my arms was the cutest thing. It makes me SO excited!! :) She is such a good baby girl!

Today is full of catching up and packing for our trip. I won't be on blogger much for the next 10 days, but do plan to post an anniversary post dedicated to my one and only HUBBY! Get ready for it! Have a great day, friends...

A song to share with you - crank it up and let the truth soak in:


Kenya said...

She's so adorable!

Lauren said...

A baby fits perfectly in your arms! precious!

Unknown said...

awww babies babies babies! LOVE them!

Mateya said...

You're a natural Ria! :) Can't wait to see YOUR sweet baby in your arms!

Jami Balmet said...

You look so beautiful in that picture! Love the hat and you look excited for what's to come! I'm so excited for you!!

Jenny said...

She is so precious! And you are a natural Mommy to be! ;)

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Appleshoe said...

Yup, you've got the Mama glow :)
Have a blessed anniversary.

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