Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favorites!

I have a lot of favorites lately... many of them have to do with FALL! :) Happy Fabulous Friday, Friends!

  1. The Weekend is my favorite! Tonight we have a wedding we are attending & football game (the team Josh coaches for) I love just GOING to weddings :)
  2. Tomorrow I get to meet 4 Seniors and photograph their senior pics... fun!!
  3. I am FALL SWAP partners with Laura from Luckiest in Love! Can't wait!
  4. My itchy/crazy poison oak is slowly disappearing! Yes for relief!
  5. We heard our babies heartbeat last week - Did I forget to blog about that? Oh my! It was my favorite thing ever... the doctor called baby Thurston "frisky" because his/her heart was beating so fast and little babe was squirming all around. We are in for it, friends :) Both Josh and I were quite crazy kids!
  6. Fall colors are my favorite. Finally I had a session last night where I could see them everywhere!
  7. Crock-pot meals are my favorite - just added a whole new board to my pinterest! YUM!
  8. JOSH IS MY FAVORITE! I love my hubbbyyyyy :)
Have a great weekend, friends! Enjoy Fall!!


Mateya said...

Have a great weekend!

So glad to hear Baby Thurston is healthy and kickin around! :)

Are you guys going to find out the gender?

P! said...

All wonderful things to hear! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Emily said...

Yay for hearing the heartbeat! I can only imagine how amazing that would be! I saw your board on Pinterest and I think I will be repinning several, we love crock pot meals too!

Mrs. Mama said...

aw i love all your favorites! how fun! yaya for heartbeat... one of the sweetest moments on earth!

Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said...

Happy Friday :)

I am your newest follower on Pinterest. I love love love Pinterest!!

And... congrats on your baby to be.

Alexis Kaye said...

WOW!!! how exciting that you're gonna be a MOMMY!!! Congratulations! :)

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Aw, so sweet for you guys to hear the heartbeat. Congratulations! :D

Lauren said...

LOVE hearing the's one of my favorite parts, next to feeling all her movements! I can't wait for you to experience that!