Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superior Weekend & Josh's Bday Recap!

It's Wednesday... I am giving our weekend recap... no big deal, right? We had a fun weekend in Superior, Wisconsin/Duluth, MN... they are both close by each other! Spending time with family is always good and hard and happy all at the same time :)

These are two of my cute cousins... Jimmy James & Stacy! Their sis Haley is serving as a Champlins assistant in the army. Missed her lots! Jim is moving to Texas soon so we wanted to have one more time to see him before that!

Uncle Timmy, Grams & My Mama

Uncle Timmy is the father of the cousins above and brother to my mama! Make sense? It was fun seeing him, we don't get to very often. My mom and him are 13 months apart, cool right?

My cute mama... hope you don't mind the photo :)

We had the opportunity to also visit my Grandpa's grave stone. I never met this man, but could write a novel on him.... from the stories I have heard. Man of character, respect and dignity! I can't wait to meet him in heaven. My grandpa was famous in Superior/Duluth for working with the telephone company and saving a woman's life. No big deal! :) I am proud to have him as my Gramps... even if I have never met him!

Fun times were had by all... the drive was manageale and I felt pretty good! Thank you for your prayers :) I have medicine from the doctor for nausea/throwing up and it sure works!


Here I am with the birthday crew... Joshy and Rosey! We had a fun day yesterday, despite it being somewhat "normal" for Josh with work and football practice. Celebrating to end the evening with my family at my parents house!

 My daddy made yummy ribs for Joshy.... one of his favorite meats!

Rosey got a special birthday treat.... one of the rib meat bones! She was devouring!

 Anddddd... this is my family... Mom wanted us to do a "flash mob" for Josh. Ha! LOVE IT!

What else besides Vikings? Loud and proud this couple right here!

It is SO fun to celebrate life... and especially my hubby! He is so simple and doesn't need much, but I love honoring him on his special days. We are going to do some extra fun things on our cruise also to celebrate... maybe some adventure on one of the islands! FUN!!!!

Hope you all are well... August is almost gone, can you believe it? I will embrace whats left! Enjoy!


Jenny said...

So much birthday fun! That cake is awesome! I'm so glad your husband had a great birthday, you two look so cute! You guys are going to have one beautiful baby :)

Kenya said...

I know! September is right around the corner! Enjoy the rest of August!

Lauren said...

Such great pics...and what a fun weekend with your extended family!

Amanda said...

you guys and your vikings stuff is so cute! love it! :)

Emily said...

Great pictures, Ria! Your family is beautiful!

Mateya said...

So fun! Glad the medicine is helping your nausea!

Love the flash mob :)

Whitney Tomlin said...

look fun! so glad your nausea isn't as bad!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Josh! And we were up there this weekend too. Do I see a little baby bump? ;-)

Joni Lenzen said...

Oh Ria bea . . .such cute photos and fun memories! It was a great weekend. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful you and Jonna were able to come with us! We love to celebrate Josh and Rosey too! The birthday bash was fun too, and thanks for going along with the FLASH MOB!! Ha Ha!

Appleshoe said...

Happy belated birthday to Josh. Looks like another good time. My, Rosey is getting so big! Take care.