Monday, August 1, 2011

Laura & Tyler are Married! {Weekend Recap}

What a fun, beautiful, lovely wedding weekend. I think my little sis-in-law was SUCH a beauuutiful bride. So perfect! :) I loved being a part of her day.... here are some of the fun photos I quickly snapped.

Sooo beautiful inside & out! The ceremony was at our church and the reception was on a boat in Stillwater... it was truly fantastic!

My dad took this one... I was over there ---> On the stage!

The cool boat where the reception was held!! So fun!

TYLER & LAURA ... MARRIED! Waiting to board the boat. FUN!

Handsome hubby and I! :) It was sure fun to walk down together!

This weekend was full to the brim and we were so tired. Yikes! Not to mention... I discovered for the 3rd time and finally have gotten into it. You can search for me and follow me! :) It's sooo addicting! 

Off to a photography workshop with my sweet friend Sarah. Have a blessed day, friends!


Lauren said...

Love the photos! The boat was such a great reception location!

Chana said...

I LOVED this wedding! Laura looks like such a model, the bridesmaid dress are so cute!, the hair pieces are great, Laura's veil was astonishing, the guys' suits were so fashionable AND they wore Toms!
Great job planning Laura!

Ri, you look stunning (as always). Joshey, you look great too :)

Appleshoe said...

Lovely. The arch is gorgeous, simple, yet extremely elegant. Have a blessed day.

P! said...

Stillwater is where my heart is so for the reception to be on one of the riverboats is just a magical thought to me. Major congrats to the too-beautiful-for-words couple! And you and the hubby are looking just awesome!! So glad you had fun. :)

Unknown said...

oh my goodness. Beautiful, LOVE this! Congrats to them!

Mateya said...

She looks beautiful! So glad you guys had fun :)

Jamie Leigh said...

Looks like the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! You and Josh look so cute :) Miss you friend!

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE THE BOAT!!!!! AHHHHHH!

You look ADORABLE !:)