Friday, June 17, 2011


It's the weekend! This weekend is fathers day and I love that so much! We will be celebrating my sweet daddy... We already celebrated my father-in-law as he is in Flordia leading a missions trip. I love our two Dads! What a blessing!

We have a wedding later today that I am photographing and we are celebrating Fathers day. It will also be a weekend full of catching up on editing photos!

Here is Jonna & Kyle's sneak peek blog on my photography blog.... just a couple to share with you:

Have a FABULOUS weekend... you can link up here. Also, this is an amazing read by Steven Furtick -> Please check it out! Will write more about it this next week! Happy Friday!!


Lauren said...

Your dad is so cute! Have a fabulous weekend!

Sarah Heineman said...

Ohh man... I almost linked that SAME post by Steven Furtick. So good!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm also a newlywed! Have a great father's day!

Appleshoe said...

Amazing photos. Have a good Father's day. Take care.