Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Oh it's Monday already? That came fast... We had a nice weekend with not a lot "pre-planned" and I really enjoyed that.

We drove around in golf carts taking photos this weekend.

I photographed a Golf Tournament fundraiser for Concordia Academy, our alumni high school. So fun! It was cold and rainy on Friday morning = not fun. Josh drove me around, lovely!

{cell phone pic}

We made a trip to Urgent Care, my poor husband burnt is right hand pretty bad. Third degree burn while putting some sort of fluid in his car... sad day. It is fine though!

We made a trip to Ikea with my sweet sis-in-law Laura & her future hubby. They got the cutest townhouse and needed some furniture. SO many great finds!! We enjoyed frozen yogurt from there as well... can't go wrong!

Also not pictured: working out, taking long walks with Rosey, celebrating my friend Jodi's graduation from college, editing photos & helping Laura & Tyler paint their town home. Phew! We don't sit around... what a fun weekend!

Happy Monday! We have lots of sunshine here! Yes!


Lauren said...

Sounds like a fun weekend except for that nasty burn! Burns are absolutely NO FUN! Hope Josh is doing better!

Appleshoe said...

Oh my, it looks like you had another busy weekend as well. That burn looks painful, but I love the smile on his face. Nothing can ever bring the two of you two down can it? I love your spirits. Take care.

Amanda said...

oh im so sorry about josh! i'm glad everything is okay! i want to go to ikea sooooooo badly!!!!!! the nearest one is like 8 hrs away. :(

Mateya said...

Yikes! Glad to hear Josh is okay!

Anonymous said...

That was a busy weekend for being unplanned! :) Glad your hubby is ok!

Sarah Heineman said...

No fun about Josh :( I'm so excited to see Tyler and Laura's town home!!!