Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is Here!

It seems that my posts in the summer are much more inconsistent and scattered than the winter months. Must have something to do with the weather :-). It is finally getting nice and I am hoping it stays. We had a lot of rain, which means GREEN grass!

 {cell phone pic... JOSH was driving!!}

The past two days I have spent with my adorable nieces! We have done lots of fun things... going to the pool, the teddy bear park, Mall of America... Build a bear, Merry go-round so much fun!

 {My Mama took us to the MOA!}

 {All cell phone pics...}

SO FUN! Aimee named her Bear, Lisa... Olivia named hers, Yellow! :-)

Then... last night we got to go to The Twins game with our friends Ben & Britt! Britt's dad got free tickets... it was such a treat and SO much fun! They won, too!!

Yes, Summer is here!! Also... I started a new Bible Study and can't wait to share some truths I am learning with you. Today's biggest one was.... "Joy and Freedom ALWAYS lie in Obedience!!!"


Lauren said...

Oh how fun! I've only been to MOA one time, and would love to go back! It's such a spectacle!

Unknown said...

What a fun auntie you are! :) That Twins game was SO much fun!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

WHat cuties!!! We are going to build a bear tomorrow. We love that place!

Joni Lenzen said...

Oh we did have such fun!!! Gotta love the merry-go-round! Never too old to ride it! Be blessed today sweetie . . .see ya tomorrow for Isaac and Amanda's wedding! Can't wait for more great Ri-Photography photos!

Sarah said...

I must know...WHAT is the teddy bear park?? :)

Jenny said...

hurray for summer! great photos :)

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Aww, cute kids! I love the pics of you girls on the ball field!

Claire said...

Those girls are too cute :) Love the Build a Bear's! One of my first dates with Bryan was to the Build a Bear workshop in MOA!!! He bought me a Build a Bear... it was SO CUTE!

Can I just say, Ria, that you have a gorgeous skin!!!! So fresh looking!!! What do you use?

Enjoy summer! I know I'm loving it too ;)

Always Learning said...

I just wrote a post that I think would describe your marriage...FUN!