Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Zoe Girl!

My sweet cousin in Seattle is celebrating her Birthday today! Wanted to wish her a H-A-P-P-Y day! She also has a blog which I think is prettttty sweet. Zoe - enjoy today! I think you are so special, beautiful and have an incredible future!! We love you lots! {Zoe is on the right}

The sunshine is AMAZING here and I have been learning a LOT about photography. Last night I spent time with one of my photography friends and we had a mentoring workshop with CRAVE photography. Some pretty incredible stuff!

This morning I get to spend time with some other photographer friends learning about some lighting techniques. I feel fortunate to have some amazing people that are helping mentor me in little ways through my photography business. I firmly believe in networking & getting to know others! It is such a blessing!

And, I get to take photos like this... love between siblings. Aww... I could just melt. My heart is content. I am giving THANKS to God today for his many, many blessings including:


What are YOU thanking God for today?

7 Beautiful comments!:

Jessie Szmanda said...

Giving him thanks for the many gifts he has blessed us with this year. Our marriage, house, and soon to be son! :)

Andrea Neudorf said...

I thank God for my daughter and husband and the BEAUTIFUL sunshine!! The three girls in the photo are all super cute!

Jamie Leigh said...

Networking is the best! I am so happy to hear your business is doing so great! I am thankful for my family and friends and all their support! :)

Anne said...

Thanking God for his promises to us in His Word!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!

I am thankful he's giving me a son that I get to meet SOON!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Yay for great blessings! Happy birthday to your cousin! And what a cute picture of siblings- love it!

Joni Lenzen said...

I thank God for YOU . . . dear darling daughter of GOD! Cute picture of Zoe, Bay and Aimee!! Yea for Zoe's birthday!!!