Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday DIL!

I like to call Josh's dad, DIL. Dad-in-Law. Sounds so much better to me :) I want to wish you a happy, happy snowy birthday! You are a joy to our lives! Enjoy today!!!

With his sweet wife, Sherrill :)

To celebrate... at church we are having a MEGA wednesday. I am so excited about it! Josh my handsome hubby is speaking and he has a message of HOPE. God is going to speak and I can just feel it.... the reality is this world is SO hopeless. What a JOY we have to give... Hope that is FOREVER... JESUS!

If you are a student in the Twin Cities... come tonight! All are welcome! Free! Photobooth even... I am so excited about it :)

And... on a funny side note... about 2 months ago Apple came to my work, Medtronic to film a business video on their iPad... and I got to be in it!! It was on the homepage last night or you can watch it here. We watched it and watched it and there I was... for all of 3 seconds. The back of me, walking. Yep. My debut ;) Check it out if you want and let me know if you can find me!


Ivan Veldhuizen said...

What a fun blog today, Ria! I'm excited about Josh speaking tonight...and am praying too. PI

Unknown said...

How fun! Happy birthday to him! :)

Jamie Leigh said...

Dad in law, I like that! I think I spotted you in the clip, very cool!! Have a great day friend!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Were you around 1:20ish in the clip? :)

Have a great time tonight!

Kylie Marie said...

found you :) hope you have a wonderful day!!

Megan said...

Basically you are famous!! : ) Hope y'all had a great time tonight!