Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Proud of My Family!

Update from yesterday - Josh and I are feeling MUCH better! Praise the Lord! It is a very happy thing.

Do you ever get proud of your family... like a GOOD proud? Yeah, that's me. So often I sit back and think WOW GOD. You are up to something HUGE. It is an exciting thing. I just want to highlight my sweet sister-in-law Steph - if you don't already "know" her or follow her blog... you should seriously check it out.

Sweet Steph:

She is raising money to do missions this summer and it is BEYOND exciting! She is in a season of life where she clearly knows God is calling her to travel and do missions for part of the summer. I love her heart and you HAVE to check out her "It Started with a Blog" 30 day devotional. So amazing! Please leave her some blog love and if you can donate :)

I decided I will be highlighting family members periodically. What a blessing to be surrounded by people that encourage, uplift and inspire me to be ALL that I can be for Jesus, my marriage and others. It is something I do NOT take for granted. Be blessed today and don't forget to check out Steph's devotional... you won't be sorry!


Jamie Leigh said...

This is amazing! I am so excited for Steph and this incredible journey!

Unknown said...

How exciting! What an amazing woman!

Stephanie Page said...

Oh Ria! YOU are sweet and encouraging. Thank you for all your work and encouragement that went into this. You bless me! I love you!!!

Truly His said...

What a great family, you do have!! BLESSED... I love Steph's blog!!

King Huckleberry said...

yay fam fam!

Kylie Marie said...

This is so exciting!!
God is truly AMAZING!

Shannon said...

Oh gosh....just realized your connection to Steph! I actually got to know her a few months back and am a loyal follower of hers.I even did her scrapbook blog design that she currently has! Small small world!

She's beautiful inside and out and I am so excited for her new adventure with writing and look forward to her daily devotional book!

Take care,