Friday, February 4, 2011

BLAH & Fabulous Friday!

Do you ever feel like BLAH sometimes?! That is how I had been feeling yesterday. Eek! I need to not let my JOY be stolen because of the weather, emotions or anything. I know God is trying to teach me so many things and I need to be ready and OPEN to receive it!!

Enough of that… just trying to FRIDAY! It’s FRIDAY friends!! Yes, I love weekends.
What is making yours fabulous? Here’s the down low on ours….

Acquire The Firesubpagebanner1I get the privilege of attending Acquire The Fire tonight!! This is a youth conference that is sooo dear to my heart as I was so shaped by it’s affect in my life in high school. More about that here. I am attending with a friend of mine and her hubby!! We worked hard on promoting this in 2008… it is weird going with that knowledge and I am praying for GOD TO WORK!

There are some pretty cool speakers, bands, etc so I know it will be incredible! God is doing something with the youth of this generation!!!!

PHOTO SHOOTS! I get to photograph a sweet family and then two newborn TWINS! I am soo excited. It will be a lot of fun! Pictures will come! We also plan to go out to dinner with some of Josh's friends.

imagesCAFH4FVG {via}

SUPERBOWL! I am not sure who you are rooting for… I know who my family is ;) I have never been a HUGE football fan, but I am all about a good partayyyy! We’ll be going to my parents to hang out, eat chilli and have a fun time!

p.s. this is a new linky… the other one isn’t free anymore :(


Laura said...

Oh I'm Jealous you get to see Jimmy Needham!! :)

Unknown said...

:) OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!! TWINS!!!!! I'm so glad that your business is steady in WINTER!!!! Mine has been pretty "BLAH" this season..... :/

I hope to see your STUDIO soon!


Stephanie M. Page said...

ooohhhh Jimmy!!! SO SO fun!! Ria!!!!

Appleshoe said...

I can't wait to see your new photo's. They always make me smile. Had to stop in and say 'HI'. Have a blessed weekend.

Jenny said...

Whoo hoo for a good super bowl party :) I'm not a fan of either team, but I love football and I love to go to football parties with family and friends!

That looks like a great line up! I hope you have a fabulous weekend friend!

Jamie Leigh said...

Sounds like you have a fun filled weekend ahead of you! Enjoy it!

Mateya said...

That sounds like an awesome event! Have fun!

I am kinda feeling Blah today:( Tomorrow will be better!

Sarah said...

I hope you're feeling less blue-ish! Something EXCITING in my weekend is that I'm going to visit Christopher tomorrow!!

Please share(either here or facebook)pictures of the twins! I'd LOVE to see them!

ps. You're got me using ALL CAPS! lol.

ali v. said...

so happy I stumbled on your blog...I'm a newlywed and your blog sounds right up my alley! love this post...and can't wait to see more from you, especially photos from that photo sesh! have a great weekend! xoxo {av}

p.s. make sure to stop by giveaway ends tomorrow at noon...and it has your name all over it!

whitney said...


...and go pack go!