Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yesterday I came across one of the blogs I have been reading since the beginning, and discovered something terrible. See on the right of my sidebar ---> Joanne. Joanne was a blogger I was drawn to when I was newly engaged and saw that she too was married at a young age.

My updates for her blog must not have been refreshing. Apparently on 1/11/11 she had a stroke and her 12 year old daughter found her shaking on the floor. HEARTBREAKING! I don’t know Joanne at all, but my heart breaks… I feel like I do.

I even emailed her a few times back and forth when I was preparing for our wedding. She is the sweetest. Her husband is now updating her blog. They have struggled in marriage, parenting, moved, homeschooling, a lot… she is so real!

I wondered if you all, MY blog friends would join me in prayer? You can read the start of the story here:

PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! I think of the song I posted yesterday – Joanne didn’t think that “this stuff” would happen to her, but I know God is going to use it for HIS glory in someway. Somehow. It also puts into perspective for me, the things that drive ME crazy vs. what her family is going through. WOW!



Anonymous said...

That is so sad! I saw it on twitter. Definitely praying for her!

Unknown said...

This is so so heartbreaking. Sometimes I question why things like this happen to such strong wonderful people... Saying a prayer for her right now.

Unknown said...

Praying in Floyd!!! :)

Jamie Leigh said...

Joanne and her family are in my prayers!!

Char said...

This is so sad. He is a wonderful husband and fighting strong. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be praying for them right now.

Jenny said...

I am praying for her and her family!

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh!! I am praying!