Monday, December 20, 2010

Woofta Weekend!

Woofta was our weekend... it was FULL. When is a weekend NOT full in December tho? :-) Let me start with Friday... it will make things easier!

Friday was a busy day at work. We had the holiday party and it was a beautiful thing! I was able to get off a little early and thankfully didn't have a migraine at. all. It was so nice! That evening Josh and I went on a date and finished our Christmas shopping... phew!

Saturday was GRADUATION DAY for my sister! 

I am soooo proud of my sissy! She graduated with her Elementary Education Major and Spanish Minor.

We celebrated at my parents house and they were so sweet to celebrate ME too! What a blessing it is to have such a supportive family! :-)

This weekend also included three photoshoots. It was super full and today I am wipped out. An adorable family session, engagement session & wedding yesterday kept me really going, going. I loved the wedding. It was a fantastic couple, ceremony and reception. Here is one sneak peek:

He is in the Navy... Oh.... it was SO romantic!!!

TODAY WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR NIECES 4TH BDAY!!! Happy Birthday Princess Aimee :-) WE love, love, LOVE you!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Aimee!! And what a beautiful picture! Brr!! You sure had a busy busy weekend. :)

Jeska said...

That is such a beautiful wedding picture! I wish you had done my wedding..
Happy Birthday to your niece!!

Jenny said...

What a weekend indeed! Congrats to your sister! What a beautiful bride and groom, such a romantic shot :)

Jessica said...

I love the wedding picture!! :)

Kreated by Kelsey said...

Congratulations to your sister!!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post--I didn't see that the picture of your design wasn't showing up... but now it is! :)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

LOVE that wedding picture, how beautiful! Congrats to your sis!

Jamie Leigh said...

That is so exciting that your sister has graduated! You sure had a busy weekend, that wedding picture is beautiful! Can't wait to see the shots you get at my wedding :)

P.S. Happy Birthday to your sweet niece!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Looks like your sis went to River Falls? That's where I graduated from as well. : )

Drive safe in this snowy weather tonight. Should make for a sloooow commute home.

Joni Lenzen said...

Oh cute family Grad photo . . . looking forward to seeing more! Love the wedding one too! XXOO

Kayla @ The Daily Kayla said...

Such beautiful pictures! Congratulations to you and your sister :)