Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is REAL life!

Real life this month consists of crazy schedules, Christmas happenings & lots of celebrating. That is real life. I love real life and spending it with my husband!


On Tuesday night we decided to make some Christmas cookies. It was suppper fun. We ended up only making peanut butter kisses cookies & chocolate covered pretzel rods. It was still fun!

Joshy finished all his classes for the semester… and I am maybe a little jealous :-) I will be done next Monday. Please come quickly?

Also – anyone watch the Biggest Loser? We have followed it this season and my heart is set for Ada!!


Josh and I don’t watch too much TV because life is so crazy busy. We have enjoyed this show and I think at least once every episode tears are streaming down my face. Lives are changed by weight loss.

LIVES ULTIMATELY NEED TO BE CHANGED BY JESUS! I think about that each episode… if they had a heart change… :0) I firmly believe that God can workthrough shows like these. Even in the last episode – God was mentioned twice by the families! I love it!

Happy Thursday – how’s that for real life?


Brittney Galloway said...

Those cookies look delicious! My vote is for Ada as well, she has been the hardest worker (I think,) and least in to game play out of everyone. I suppose it all comes down to percentage though, huh?

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it's super easy, but how do you make those pretzels???

Emily said...

oh yum! the cookies look great and you're right, the biggest loser is fun to watch. jillian michaels inspires me so much. :)
hope you enjoy your christmas break!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Yay! So cute! It is so good to see lives changed, and God is at the center. I love when real people give glory to God on T.V. So awesome!

Unknown said...

Ohh my goodness chocolate covered pretzels, YUM! I cannot believe how much weight people lose on that show it is just incredible!

Mateya said...

I have missed most of this season but I did catch it the other good!

All those goodies look so yummy!

Jenny said...

I LOVE Biggest Loser! My heart is set on Ada to win too!

Jeska said...

Oooo I love peanut butter kisses cookies. My fave!

Jonna said...

LOVE the new look sissy!!! love you! :)

Appleshoe said...

LOL! Only you could pull off Christmas cookies and a show about weight loss in the same post and get away with it. If I tried that people would call shenanigans on me. Take care.

Joni Lenzen said...

oh wow . . love the new look for your blog site . . .!!!!