Friday, December 3, 2010

Headband Giveaway && Fab Friday!

On my list yesterday I shared that I have an exciting giveaway for all of you :) I am SO excited.
My sweet, sweet friend Laurel lee has started an Etsy (yes, that did rhyme). She is SO creative it blows my mind!

Giveaway item = SO SO SO CUTE! I am loving headbands lately... headband Coolest headband EVER! I love the fabric flowers & feather!

headband2Seriously friends… headbands are my favorite and this one is no exception. So darling!

Giveaway Details:
  1. Check out laurelleecreativity on etsy… HERE
  2. Leave a comment on your favorite item (1 entry - comment)
  3. Tell me if you love headbands & why (1 entry - comment)
  4. Tell me about a friend who is creative (1 entry - comment)
I will go first… Favorite item now: lace headband. I love headbands because they are the PERFECT accessory. My friend Laurel Lee is SO creative and I am SO proud of her!! She has so much love, too!laurel
ADDED: GIVEAWAY ENDS 12/7 -- Winner annouced on 12/8!

Also, link up for Fabulous Friday! Our weekend will be SUPER fun! We are going to the Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade & Macy’s 8th floor display with my family. Don’t worry… pictures will come!


Amber Noella said...

Oh, how sweet! Well, yes, she IS so creative =) My favorite item was the feather earrings. Love them.

Amber Noella said...

I guess