Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ethiopia & iFellowship

I have some AMAZING friends that are so dear to my heart. They were the directors of the internship program I went to called The Honor Academy.

Meet: Trace & Randee Jones :)image

They are the sweetest! I am so blessed by their friendship and leadership in my life! If you click the picture above you will be brought to their blog. It shares there whole story.

It is called “The Jones Journey” for a reason… they are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia! YES! You read that right… AFRICA! I am sooo excited for them :)

They have had a few fundraisers going on for the expenses but the biggest one is a RAFFLE! It started right before Thanksgiving & I would LOVE if you could all check it out and see if you have $5.00 to contribute! Really… you could also win BIG!

Ipod Touch, Vera Bradley Photobook, Kohl’s gift card & coffee. Yea!

Here is there pay-pal link that you can just click and it is easy, easy! :-) I am praying and believing God’s best for this miracle baby that they have the privilege of parenting.

Jones Adoption Raffle Tickets
Seriously you guys (and anyone that knows them…) they will truly make the BEST parents!! :)

Welcome iFellowshippers! Glad you are here!


Randee said...

Oh Ria- THANK YOU! Not only for posting this but also for your sweet words. Trace and I are truly excited and so blessed to be on this journey with dear friends like you!

Unknown said...

Wow Ria, this story is so amazing! And what a cool idea for a raffle!

Jeska said...

That's so wonderful!! I hope they can bring home their baby boy soon! I will participate in this!

Jenny said...

What an amazing story! I will participate for sure :)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

How exciting!! Thank you for sharing!

Mollie and Tyler said...

This is so sweet! My niece was adopted from Ethiopia and now my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are starting again! Seems like everyone is adopting from Ethiopia!

Sherrill said...

Wow Ria thanks for sharing this I would love to participate too! Great idea!!!!