Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday & Last Minute Christmas Idea: Mini-Sessions

Hi sweet friends and blogger readers! Last night we went to a fun celebration for this cutie pie:
Aimee Marie is with the crown on. She is such a princess!!

Making a Wish --I love this photo!

We had so much fun celebrating her 4 year old life. What a sweetheart she really is. Honestly... so smart, loving and CUTE!!

Anddd.... with CHRISTmas just around the corner I am sure you ALL have your shopping done, right? ;) Josh and I are almost finished. Just tying up a few loose ends.

I wanted to mention to blog world that I am offering New Year’s Mini-Sessions as a photo opportunity for kids, couples, families, or whatever you’d like! These are fun mini sessions to get some awesome photos for 2011! I also have gift certificates available… which would make an priceless present!!

I love photography as you all know and feel that it is an outlet to express creativity and share a gift with others. Here are a few recent photos from in my new studio space:

blog-andersons-2 blog-aimeemarie-20blog-aimeemarie-21blog-andersons-12
If you’d like more info – check out my website or email me at info@riathurston.com

Merry (almost) CHRISTmas! Come back tomorrow for some thoughts on Mary… one of my favorite ladies from the B-I-B-L-E! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ria, I passed your session info on to my sister-in-law. She has a 3 year old son that hasn't had his 3 yr old pics taken yet. Thanks for the offer. Hopefully she contacts you. : )

Jeska said...

Aimee is too cute. And you're an awesome photographer! Love the photos.

Unknown said...

I love these! Speaking of which I need to send you an email for a maternity photoshoot idea :)

Anonymous said...

Such darling photos!!!!

Jamie Leigh said...

You got studio space!? That is so exciting, Congrats! Love all those sweet pics!

Mateya said...

You have a studio?! Awesome Ria! Your business sure is growing!

How do you get your pictures so big in your blog post? Everytime I do that, the side gets cut off!

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

These are beautiful pictures!!!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Love the pictures!! :)

Amanda said...

you are so talented girl! congrats on your new studio! :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

Love them and Love you!