Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful: Future

I am thankful for the future with Joshua and I. There are a LOT of unknowns and of course we don't always know the BIG picture but God does and that is certain! I'm just happy to be spending the FUTURE with him:

Immediate Future:
Thankful to be DONE with School. I will be done in December. Joshua next Fall. We are almost there! I plan to pursue photography full time after completing my associates in Business... lots of FUN things in the works! Including the potential of renting studio space with other photographers! More to come!

 Joshy & Our Niece Olivia

Somewhat Near Future:
FUTURE BABY(S) THURSTON! God has a plan for this and his timing is best but I couldn't be more excited. NO we are not prego yet! Lord's will - we will be by late summer/fall! Growing up ... I just wanted to go to "college" to be a Mom. Yeah, unfortunately that is not an option. Ha! I am looking forward to the time Josh and I can grow closer and have little ones of our own by starting a family!

My handsome hubby getting a job in a high school and coaching football. I am thankful for the perfect job that's being saved for him. I know it's there! He is an amazing teacher and I know he is going to be able to connect with highschoolers in a real, relevant way. Jesus - thank you in advance!

And Rosey... I need to throw her in! We are so thankful for our little spunky ball of fur! She is growing and actually 4 pounds now. Little stinker! She for sure adds JOY to our life and future. It am thankful, thankful that she will be a part of our family for a long, long time! :)

Yay! Last work day and 5 day Weekend!!


Amy said...

Love what your Thankful for :-)I read the part Future baby and got all excited then I read the part NO we aren't prego! Your right the time will come :-) I can't wait to have a baby too :-) Love the picture of Rosey and your husband and you :-) CUTE :-D
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :-) So thankful for a great blogger friend like you :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your bright, blessed, and hopeful future! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Unknown said...

Ahhh I cannot wait for you 2 to have babies Ria! You are going to be SUCH a wonderful mama!! :) Happy thanksgiving Love, GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

Amanda said...

your future in photography sounds wonderful! so excited for you girl! and i can't wait to hear your announcement that you're preggo! how fun! hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! love ya! xo

Mateya said...

Oh man I can't wait for little Thurstsons for you! :) So exciting! I'm sure Josh will be a wonderful teacher and coach!

Jeska said...

aww can't wait for a little one to come for you two! congrats on being done with school very soon!

Jenny said...

SO many incredibly blessings! God Bless you both and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Jamie Leigh said...

What a beautiful post, and amazing things to be thankful for! You and Josh have an INCREDIBLE future ahead of you! Your such a inspiring, and wonderful person, you deserve nothing but the best! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Brittany said...

Lots of things to be thankful for :))

You are blessed!

Marie said...

Wow, so young to have children!
Just don't do like the Duggars!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!